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There are many unique hiking spots in the West Michigan area and Al Sabo Land Preserve is a family favorite. The Al Sabo is located at 6310 Texas Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The entrance to the Al Sabo Land Preserve is slightly hidden just southwest of the Rota-Kiwan boy scout camp. Once inside the land preserve, you will notice a wide range of habitats including woods, wetlands, and open fields. You will never know you are only five miles away from the nearest shopping mall!


Three Things To Love About Al Sabo


Here are three things to love about hiking Al Sabo:


1. Sabo Land Preserve boasts of paved and dirt trails. Last summer paved trails were added to the preserve. Depending on which type of hiking family you have, you may choose which trail to take. The rugged dirt trails are great for kids who love to explore and get down and dirty with nature. The paved trails are wonderful for families who depend on strollers, or even wish to bring some children on bikes.

There are also many benches located on the paved paths for snack and water breaks. I have found my children enjoy when we hike the dirt trails, and then hop on the paved trail when we are ready to head home. We can enjoy the best of both worlds!     

2. You can spend as little or as much time as you would like at Al Sabo and still have an enjoyable experience. Whether you are looking for 30 minutes for your child to run off some energy or if you would like to make an afternoon out of your hike, Al Sabo will work for you.

When my children were young, we would start by walking down a path for 20 minutes, and then turn around and walk home. Now, a little older, the kids are able to sustain a little longer and enjoy following the marked trails to a destination.  

3. No trip to Al Sabo is ever the same twice! There are over 25 miles of trails in Al Sabo. Although many are marked trails, there are also trails and paths that are unmarked, yet easy to walk through. One thing my kids like to do is choose a path to take and follow in the spur of the moment. This allows for us to discover different areas of the preserve each time.

If you decide to go off the marked trails, one thing I might recommend is to bring your cell phone with a GPS or a map of the preserve with you. If you are not confident in your direction expertise, it is very easy to log onto Google Maps and find your way back to the parking lot.        


I hope your family will be able to check out Al Sabo Land Preserve soon, especially because it will not be long before the beautiful Michigan fall colors will be here!  

What are some of your family’s favorite hiking destinations in West Michigan? Feel free to share them in the comments below.











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