50 Ways to Let Your Child Feel Your Love


by Julie S

You know your love for your child is never in doubt. But sometimes between working all day and barely having enough time to throw dinner on the table, or picking up cheerios in between cleaning the toilets and rushing to play dates, you wonder if you show your child enough.

From the big to the small, let these ideas be your springboard for reaching out to your child and letting them feel your love.


  1. Reach out and take their hand, for the big and the small moments.


  1. Ask if there is anything they would like to learn about. Recognize that their favorite thing may have only been touched on for one day in school.


  1. Read together. Read to them, read next to them. Ask what they are reading. Read what they are reading.


  1. Take a class together. Do they want to take karate? Instead of just sending them, see if you can find a class where you can learn beside them.


  1. Leave a note inside their lunch.


  1. Make them a fun lunch for school. Use cookie cutters to make octopus sandwiches or secure their lunch with fun picks shaped like frogs.


  1. Help them make a table fort, and then join them inside it.


  1. Put on a raincoat and go puddle jumping with them.


  1. Play a family boardgame. Let them choose, or teach them one of your favorites as a child.


  1. Write them a letter every year on their birthday and keep them safe. Give them the letters when they go away to school or get married.


  1. Prominently display your child’s art. Let him or her know that they are works of beauty and creativity and how important they are to take up an important place in the home.


  1. Take your child on a date, especially if they have a brother or sister. Give them some time just with you.


  1. Get down on your knees or at their level to listen to them. This is especially important for a toddler or preschooler who gets frustrated when they feel like they just can’t get your attention.


  1. Celebrate firsts! Take a picture of your child’s first lunchbox, the first time they put their shirt on, the first time they draw a giant tortoise riding a bike!


  1. Try a “yes” day where they can have a day to do what they want within reason. Make sure to set any ground rules before beginning. You may be surprised at where this day will lead!


  1. Make up a special code that says “I love you” that each child can reciprocate from across the room. Maybe it’s a finger scratching your chin or a triple tap on the cheek, but it’s a way that your child will know and see that you are thinking of them when they need that special boost.


  1. Make cookies with them and let them decorate them, no matter how messy the frosting or sprinkles.


  1. Give them hugs, bear hugs and little squeezes.


  1. Sing together! Show them that you can sing that ABC Song or you can unabashedly belt out Rollin’ In the Deep. It doesn’t matter if you think that you have the worst voice in the world, your child will love hearing it.


  1. Make a treasure hunt leading to a special prize at the end.


  1. Be honest and teach them that they can come to you with anything.


  1. Don’t be afraid to apologize when you have made a mistake.


  1. Send them a letter or postcard so they get their own mail!


  1. Ask them what they dreamt about.


  1. Ask them for their opinion.


  1. Let them have a night of the week where they get to decide what’s for dinner, and maybe even make it.


  1. Play in the sprinkler together!


  1. Let them wear that princess or dinosaur or superhero costume to the store.


  1. Wear your child’s favorite color one day and tell them why.


  1. Get out those finger paints, even though they are messy.


  1. Do a painting with your child and put your handprints on the bottom when you are done. Consider doing one every year.


  1. Dance with your kids, even if you think you can’t dance. Teach them through example to love it.


  1. Teach your child to be comfortable in his or her skin by never sucking in your belly, commenting on your frizzy hair, or any number of things you may be self-conscious about when looking in the mirror.


  1. Take care of the Earth together. Recycle, pick up trash in your yard and at the park, compost. Know that you are leaving a better planet for your children.


  1. Take long walks and don’t rush. Watch your child notice the leaf floating in the gutter and notice the rose that is about to bloom and the excitement as they show it to you.


  1. Keep that dandelion that they gave you. Remember that this was their greatest treasure and they gave it to you.


  1. Wake your little one up with a kiss and hug.


  1. Create a special birthday ritual. Make a balloon curtain, always make a heart pancake, anything that lets them look even more forward to their special day.


  1. Make every attempt to be there at your child’s school play or music recital.


  1. Teach your child that it’s okay to be different and that their differences are what make them special.


  1. Never ever laugh at your child’s dreams, no matter how silly they may seem to you.


  1. Expand your child’s horizons by taking them to a new restaurant, teaching them a new skill, reading a new book.


  1. Always give your child a second chance.


  1. Never let go of a hug first. Let them stay in your arms for as long as they want or need.


  1. Take family videos and then watch them together and smile and giggle at the memories.


  1. Have family movie night and let your child pick the movie.


  1. Every night before bedtime ask your child what their favorite part of their day was and what was their hardest.


  1. Give them a special bath, such as extra bubbles or glow sticks.


  1. Notice something they’ve done right and thank them for it, like putting away their toys.


  1. Tell them “I love you”, every single day.