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As soon as your little one takes their first steps, it is the official mark that your baby is now toddling into toddlerhood. While this is an exciting time, it does make motherhood a game changer. Your child is now beginning their journey into independence. With this new found skill and many more to come, you are now on a path of new and fun adventures. If you currently have a baby or if you’re pregnant, you may not know what’s in store for you.


To help you be prepared, here is a list of 7 things all moms of toddlers know:

1. If they can reach it, they will pull it down. Whatever you don’t want your child getting a hold of, make sure you put it way up. And not within climbing distance either. Toddlers have great intuition of all the things that you don’t want them to get a hold of and go straight for those said items.

2. When learning to talk, toddlers have no filter. This can be hilarious as well as completely embarrassing. Once your kid finds a new word they like, whether it be “ball” or an unfortunate word (fill in the blank here), they will love to say it over and over again, no matter if they are home or in a public place like the supermarket. They also love to put out their observations. Yes, that woman may be big, but they don’t know it’s not polite to state it out loud.

3. Embrace the mess. If you don’t, you will drive yourself insane. Toddlers will find the messiest route to do anything but as mothers we have to learn to love it. This is the way they learn best, by experimentation – getting their hands dirty and fully experiencing it – with their whole body.

4. The food that they will love today, they will hate tomorrow. A new mom of a toddler will feel victorious when they watch their toddler completely devour their dinner. Finally! They will think. They have found something that their picky eater loves to eat. A seasoned mom of a toddler knows to just embrace that day as a good day because their toddler will act like you are feeding them mud if you serve it again to them tomorrow.


5. Don’t leave crayons, markers or any other writing device unattended when your toddler is around. These items are like little beacons for toddlers. They gravitate to it and then they make their way to your walls with them in hand. They are always trying to put their works of art on your walls. These little Picassos feel their work should be immortalized on your dining room and family room walls.

6. They are easily distracted. This is the bonus of toddlers. If a tantrum is about to ensue, you can usually distract them pretty easily with their favorite toy or even just by changing up the scenery by taking them to a different room or outside. Learning this skill, the art of distraction, will save you many tears and unhappy toddler tantrums. Keep toys, candy or anything else of distraction with you when going to places such as the doctor’s office or the supermarket.

7. There is nothing that they love most than one on one time with you. No amount of toys or candy will ever come close to their desire and want to just be with you. This is a pretty great feeling for a mom. Many times if they are being naughty, it is simply to get your attention. Moms know how much better their day will go with their toddler when they make time to spend one on one time with their toddler.


Enjoy these toddler years! They go fast.






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