Air Zoo Means BIG Fun for Little Ones + FREE Admission for Ages Four and Under

No Minimum Age Required to have FUN

What is there for kids to do at the Air Zoo?

As a Kalamazoo transplant, I asked this very question. When we settled into our new city, I envisioned a large hangar full of airplanes and photographs. In my mind, this museum was likely geared towards adults to learn about aviation history.

Now a card-carrying family membership holder, let me tell you how wrong I was…

The Air Zoo is a world-class, Smithsonian-affiliated aerospace and science museum; however, it is so much more than a building full of planes. Within its two buildings, the Air Zoo is home to hands-on, interactive exhibits, indoor amusement park-style rides, full-motion flight simulators, a theater, aircraft restoration, kids corner, and over 100 rare aircraft and spacecraft.

This truly unique destination provides numerous opportunities for fun for all ages- and FREE admission for children four years old and younger.

Favorite Spots for the Youngest Visitors

The Air Zoo is a big place for little feet to run and imaginations to grow. Kids who find history dusty will love checking out the cool interactive showcases and play areas.

Check out these can’t miss exhibits for your family to learn and explore:

Kids Corner

This “corner” is actually a large room featuring small stationary rides (helicopter, spaceships), oversized building blocks, and racks of toys. This room has younger children in mind: tables and chairs are lower to the ground, oversized blocks are foam and ideal for building with little hands.

Air Zoo Kids

Indoor Rides

The Air Zoo features four amusement park-style rides inside: Century of Flight Ferris Wheel, Flying Circus Bi-Plane Ride, Montgolfier Balloon Race, and Paratrooper Jump. These rides are included with your cost of admission.

“Again!” is a welcomed phrase here as you can ride them as many times as you like.

Hands-on You Say?

Scattered throughout the Air Zoo are interactive exhibits to teach physics, engineering, and other science disciplines. Launch an air car, design a circuit, or build a paper rocket. These stations are a fun way to engage your children in learning through play.

Air Zoo Kids

The Air Zoo regularly rotates its exhibits, providing new ways to learn and areas to explore. And while you will want to make a return trip to visit your favorites, this dynamic environment provides families new experiences on subsequent visits.

Family-Friendly Perks

  • A Nursing Room is available upstairs with a comfy chair and toys. Ask the staff to unlock it for you.
  • Bathrooms are on both levels and include changing tables.
  • Strollers are welcome. Forgot yours? You can rent a wagon.
  • No doubt you’ll hear “I’m hungry” uttered before too long. The Kitty Hawk Cafe upstairs includes kid-friendly food, including pb&j and grilled cheese.

Visit the Air Zoo today. Who knows, it may inspire your children to one day take to the skies themselves.

More Air Zoo Fun…

Whether you’re traveling with a class or your family, the Air Zoo has something for all ages and interests:

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Air Zoo

6151 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002


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