Food Sensitivities in the Family? Allergy-Friendly Restaurants Near Kalamazoo

Kids Allergy friendly restaurants near Kalamazoo

Dining out with Food Allergies Can be Overwhelming +  List of Allergy, Gluten and Dairy-Free Options for Families

As a person with gluten and dairy sensitivity, I know firsthand going out to eat can be extremely difficult. Luckily, Kalamazoo is an amazingly food diverse city. Many restaurants around Kalamazoo provide you with peace of mind and an allergy-safe meal you don’t have to cook yourself. 

I’ve tried almost all the places on this list and have had great experiences with their menus and staff. I am speaking from my personal experience. We would love to hear yours in the comment section below. 


Take a peek at our 30+ list of restaurants and cafes offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that cater to a variety of food sensitivities. We’ve also listed coffee and ice cream shops.

Remember to mention your food allergy to the establishment and their employees. Exercise normal caution as we cannot guarantee this list to be safe for all allergies.

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Station 702 is one of my favorite breakfast places in Kalamazoo. They have an entire menu of gluten free items for not only breakfast but also dinner. The Old Standby is my favorite–it comes with a delicious gluten-free english muffin. 

Anna’s House takes the award for the most extensive allergy-friendly menu that I’ve come across. They have hundreds of dairy, gluten, and meat-free options that all taste fantastic. 

East Egg may be small but they offer a big taste. We love stopping by for breakfast classics and adding on their gluten-free toast or pancakes on the side. 

Casual Dining & Cafes

Five Guys are proud to boast amazing french fries (cooked in peanut oil) so they may not work for every person with a food allergy. If you are, however, not nut sensitive you can enjoy their fries void of all other common allergens. Their buns do contain gluten but the lettuce-wrapped burgers are divine.  

Café ’36 is a must go for a gluten-free eater. The majority of their menu is gluten-free without modifications and they even offer amazing gluten-free pasta. Which is so exciting because CARBS.

CoreLife Eatery is one of our family favorites because it’s healthy eating without missing out on taste; you truly can have both. It’s extremely easy to order here with food allergies. You build your entree to your exact specifications. 

Mexican food is one of the easiest cuisine types for people with food allergies. Especially the ones that allow you to build your own dish. My favorites include The Big Burrito, Moe’s, Qdoba and Chipotle. They all offer dairy-free and gluten-free options and their websites offer easy ways to use meal builders that can help you pick a safe option when ordering. 

Build your own pizza places offer another way to avoid specific allergens. My favorites are Blaze Pizza and Mod Pizza. They have gluten-free crusts, dairy-free cheese, Keto crust and hundreds of combinations to create the perfect for you pizza.

Red Robin takes allergies seriously. In fact, they are equipped with a special allergy menu to help guests make a safe selection. If requested, a manager follows your dish throughout the entire cooking and serving process to prevent cross-contamination. You can choose from a gluten-free bun or lettuce wraps, and for vegans, they have the impossible burger. 

Food Dance offers gluten-free options and an abundance of locally sourced ingredients. A number of their menu items are designated as gluten-free or can be made gluten-free with a simple tweak. 

Applebee’s has tons of gluten-free and dairy-free appetizers and entrees. 

Italian Lovers this paragraph is for you. Erbelli’s, Carrabbas, and Olive Garden may not be your first thought when thinking of avoiding common allergens, but they feature a number of alternatives to make sure you can enjoy your meal worry-free. 

Asian/Middle Eastern cuisine is often naturally gluten-free and dairy-free making dining easy. These restaurants are known to go above and beyond to make sure your food does not experience cross-contamination. 

Chinn Chinn asks every customer about potential peanut allergies upon ordering.

Maru Sushi is my absolute favorite sushi place, for good reason. The ingredients are fresh and most of their signature rolls are gluten-free and can easily be made dairy-free.

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Bangkok Flavor on Gull Road is a must go for delicious Thai food. The majority of their meals are GF with no accommodations and can be prepared nut-free easily.


Oakwood Bistro boasts a large selection of allergy-friendly appetizers and entrees to offer something for everyone, including a full cocktail bar. 

Latitude 42 makes a gluten-free pizza that is some of the best gluten-free crust I have had. It’s perfectly thin and crispy. Make sure to tell them about your allergies so they can take extra precautions with your meal.

Principle Food & Drink might be known for its extensive cocktail bar but the cuisine is something to try. They do serve peanut dishes so be sure to mention if you have a peanut allergy. 

One Well Brewing is a family favorite because of its extensive and customizable menu that caters to all allergies. They also have a kid’s area with plenty of board games and arcade games. You’ll love it there.

Desserts & Coffee

Dairy-free doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in delicious ice cream. The Kalamazoo area is filled with various places that keep dairy-free flavors to enjoy. 

Let’s Swirl keeps two vegan flavors, Peachwave up to three vegan flavors;  Y’OPA and Frosty Boy also keep dairy-free flavors on rotation.

For Coffee and sweet treats you would purchase from a glass case, you have tons of choices. These shops offer gluten, nut, and dairy-free options for drinks and sweets. Rose Gold Coffee is an entirely vegan shop that makes being dairy free a breeze. Some other favorites are Waterstreet Coffee, Black Owl, Civil House, Fourth Coast Cafe & Bakery, and Something’s Brewing.

We hope this article helped shed some light on the local options greater Kalamazoo has for allergy sufferers. If you have any other favorites, we would love to hear from you so we can add them to our list! 

Allergy Dining near Kalamazoo