Are you looking for some new ideas to do with your kiddos for yet another snow day?  We’ve got some new ideas that will help you keep the kiddos entertained.  Try some of the following:

Indoor Activities

  • Bring the snow indoors– Fill a bin with snow and bring it indoors. Add colored water and paint brushes for a super fun art activity- what a great idea! {Lots of other ways to play with snow indoors here, too}
  • Make snow ice cream-Go outside and scoop up some new snow. Just make sure to avoid leaves, grass, and dirt. Once you’ve got it in the bowl, pour in your can of sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract.


  • 8 c. snow
  • 1 (14 oz.) can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1   tsp. of vanilla extract
  • Now just keep stirring until the ingredients are all combined together. Once it’s all combined, scoop some into a bowl and top it with whatever you’d like or eat it plain.
  • Drive In Movies in Your Own House-Make your own drive in movie theatre. Take a box large enough for your little ones to sit and have them custom design their own cars. Then just pop some popcorn and pop in their favorite movies and you are ready to go.  The kiddos will love their own drive-in movie theatre.
  • Have an indoor picnic and party-Pack a picnic, set out the a picnic blanket or a couple of beach towels, get out some of the summer outdoor games such as frisbee or badminton. Enjoy!
  • Do an indoor scavenger hunt. Make a quick list of items your kids can find around the house, print them up, and let them go searching!
  • Plan a progressive party. Each person plans an activity in a different room of the house. It can be coloring, a board game, a dance party, whatever. Rotate around to the various party stations.

Outdoor Activities

Many times the roads are cleared by the late morning or early afternoon.  We like to hit our favorite places in town. The Kalamazoo Valley Museum is a great place to check out. See our review of the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. There is always something new to see.

Or if it warms up a little, bundle up the kids and do some sledding. Check out our Kalamazoo Area Sledding Guide for hills around Kalamazoo that are perfect for sledding!

Let us know in the comment section below if you have any creative ideas on how to keep the kiddos busy during their snow days. 



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