Get ready to ride with our list of the best bike riding trails in the Kalamazoo area. Check out these trails below and let us know what you think! Helmet up!

Bike Trails

Kal-Haven Trail, Kalamazoo

Boasting over 30 miles of limestone path, the Kal-Haven trail connects Kalamazoo with South Haven. The scenic route takes riders through farmland, wooded areas and over rivers and streams. The trail can also be used for cross-country skiing, hiking and walking or running. Horses are also allowed on 11 miles of the trail. There are trailheads on 10th Street in Kalamazoo and Baily Street in South Haven.


Kalamazoo River Valley Trail, Kalamazoo

The Kalamazoo River Valley Trail is a regional trail connecting parts of Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and Van Buren County. Eventually the trail will connect Kalamazoo, Portage, Battle Creek, Augusta, Gull Lake, and eventually, Lake Michigan to Lake Huron. Currently there are 22 miles of paved, asphalt trail suitable for non-motorized transportation. There is no cost to use the trail and there are multiple spots to get on the trail, including 10th Street, Westnedge Ave., 35th St. in Galesburg, D Avenue, Verburg Park, Riverview Park and the Kalamazoo Nature Center.


Portage Bikeway, Portage

The Portage Bikeway connects over 55 miles of off-road trails and bikeways throughout the city of Portage. Part of the bikeway is on regular city streets and part of the bikeway is on a separate, off-road paved trail for pedestrian and bike use. There is a 4 mile stretch of trail, the Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail, that is kept clear in the winter months, along with a stretch of trail between Romence Road and Constitution Boulevard. A full Bikeway Brochure is available on the Portage Bikeway website, and access to the trail is available throughout the city of Portage.


Al Sabo Land Preserve, Texas Township

Although some of the previous bike trails are now shut down due to erosion, over seven miles of bike trails remain at the Al Sabo Land Preserve. This beautiful, scenic area is perfect for bikers who enjoy nature. Animal and wildflower sightings are common along this trail. Located between Interstate 94 and Centre Street, the Al Sabo Land Preserve spans 741 acres of marshes, forests, streams and hills. Hikers can enjoy 25 miles of trail over varying terrain.


Fort Custer Recreation Area, Augusta

For a fun mountain biking adventure, check out the Fort Custer Recreation Area single-track bike trails. There are two trails, a red trail (8.6 miles) and a green trail (7 miles), which have slight differences. The red trail is more twisted, but smooth, and the green is more technical, with some wider and straighter paths. The trails are clearly marked so riders won’t get confused about where to go next. The Fort Custer Recreation Area also has equestrian tracks, but horses and bikes will not mix on these trails. There is an entry fee to ride the trails, but just $11 for an in-state yearly pass.


Eliason Nature Reserve Trail, Portage

The Eliason Nature Reserve is a 123-acre property located at 1614 West Osterhout Avenue. The property is a combination of uplands and wetlands and is part of the Bishop’s Bog complex, which is registered with the Nature Conservancy. The paved trail is spacious and allows for easy passing of walker, joggers, and bikers. It offers a peaceful setting, with a chance to hear and maybe even see some wildlife.


Linear Park, Battle Creek

Linear Park in Battle Creek boasts over 26 miles of paved trail for biking, jogging, and general recreation. The trail goes around much of the greater Battle Creek area, so visitors to the trail can hop on nearly anywhere! Guests visiting Battle Creek can find easy access (and free parking) to the trail near Friendship Park in downtown Battle Creek. There is no usage fee for Linear Park.


Van Buren Trail State Park, Hartford/South Haven

This 15-mile trail features paved and unimproved grass trail along the old Toledo and South Haven Railroad. Although some of the trail is grass, it is mowed and maintained well. Fat-tire bikes are best for this trail, and snowmobiles and horses use the unpaved parts of the trail as well.

Vicksburg Trailway, Vicksburg

If your family is looking for a shorter ride, the Vicksburg Trailway is a 1.8 mile paved trail through scenic woodlands and northeastern Vicksburg neighborhoods. A portion of the trail passes through the Vicksburg Recreation Area, with areas for picnics, nature trails and disc golf. Riders can also stop at the Vicksburg Depot Museum to check out unique artifacts related to the area’s railroad history.


Albion River Trail, Albion

For bike enthusiasts a little farther away than Kalamazoo, the Albion River Trail provides a fun, shorter ride for families looking to get out together and ride. This trail is 1.6 miles of paved 10-14 feet wide paths conducive to walking, bike riding, running, rollerblading, and skateboarding. The trail was completed in 2007 and connects several Albion parks along the course of the Kalamazoo River.


Do you have any favorite places to go biking with your family? Let us know in the comment section below.




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