16 Fantastic Family Things to Do in Portage

Got Celery, Portage? In the 1880s, Portage, Michigan was deemed the "Celery City" of the nation, keeping that title through the mid-twentieth century. While no longer a stalky vegetable powerhouse, this Kalamazoo suburb has grown into a phenomenal city for families to call home. What to do in Portage With Kids Portage is a great place to live for [...]

Who’s your Favorite Doctor in Kalamazoo? Cast your Vote Now!

We Want Your Opinion on the Top Doctors We're looking for the best of the best in care: Pediatricians, Midwives, ENTs, Dermatologists and more in Southwest Michigan Finding the right health care provider for your family needs is often a #1 priority - whether it's for routine, preventative care, or dealing with a medical condition. And while location and [...]

Kalamazoo Homeschool Resource Guide

Getting Out of the House is Easy for Homeschool Kids Homeschooling is on the rise, and the greater Kalamazoo area redefines what it means to homeschool. Whether you are a homeschooling veteran or just starting out, Kalamazoo has an astounding array of support groups, classes, and extracurricular options certain to fit your style of homeschooling and family dynamic. Don't forget [...]

It’s a Digital Trimester Start for Kalamazoo Public Students This Fall

Kalamazoo Public Schools Propose Three Trimester Phases to Transition to In-Person Learning Kalamazoo Public Schools released a 2020-2021 RETURN -TO -SCHOOL PLAN today with a phased approach to returning their students to their classrooms full time by March 15, 2021. Full time, in-person teaching requires Michigan to be in Phase 6 (Michigan is currently in Phase 4). In a [...]

Portage Public Schools Return to Learning Plan: Options Galore, More Details Needed

Portage Public Schools Provide Learning Plans through September 30Portage Public Schools released the much anticipated 2020-2021 RETURN -TO -SCHOOL PLAN, which includes different learning options for elementary-aged students (Grades Y5 - 5) versus secondary students (Grades 6 - 12) in the district. These plans are considered a Phase 4 model and are only in effect through September 30, stating: [...]

Allegan Event: Ultimate Adrenaline Rush for the Whole Family!

Allegan Event Thrills With High Flying Fun Whether you're in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, South Haven, or St. Joseph, making the trek over to the Allegan Event Family Adventure Center is worth the drive. Once there, you'll find adventure experiences that are hard to come by in other parts of the state. Note: Since re-opening after COVID-19, Allegan Event has [...]

6 Questions I Wish I had Asked When Choosing My Kid’s School

Finding the Best School for Your Child’s Needs Are you a parent that likes to plan, or are you more of a wing-it parent? I plan the little stuff (like vacation itineraries). And then I wing it when it comes to the big stuff (like my kid’s pediatrician). I’m not saying this is a great method, [...]

Kalamazoo Parents (and Kids!) Love these Pediatricians

Choosing the Right Pediatrician for your Family Being a first-time parent can be overwhelming. No matter how many books I read or videos I watched, nothing fully prepared me for being 100% responsible for a little, squishy person. As we anticipated her arrival, we chose diapers, feeding supplies, and footie pajamas (everyone needs animal feet!). However, another important decision [...]

Otsego Public Schools Share RETURN-TO-SCHOOL PLAN for Fall 2020

Otsego Public Schools Announce Plans for Fall 2020 Otsego Public Schools released a 2020-2021 RETURN -TO -SCHOOL PLAN, making it one of the first districts in the Kalamazoo area to announce plans for the upcoming school year. In their letter and accompanying Facebook video, Otsego Public Schools let their families know they are offering a Hybrid Learning Plan for [...]