21-Day ‘Home for the Count’ Kid Challenge Starts Monday, 3/16

We’re Giving You Something to Look Forward to Every Day for the Next 21 Days

As you already know, events are being canceled, businesses are temporarily closing and kids are out of school for three (or more) weeks.

We also know it will be a challenge for kids to be away from school for so long, for working parents trying to juggle child care, and for parents home with little ones all day. Not to mention trying to keep everyone healthy while unsure what to participate in during the break.

Beginning next week, we will be sharing things to help you over the upcoming weeks — the KZOOKIDS team is putting on a 21-Day ‘Home for the Count’ Challenge.

We’re lining up community members & organizations (their response to this spur-of-the-moment project has been phenomenal!) to lead us through daily 15-20 minute activities via video.

These videos will be streamed over our Facebook page and families will be able to participate every day. You’ll have a chance to share a picture of your accomplishments – and we may even have some prizes (still working that one out!)

We hope that this will be a great way to keep our families engaged in the community even while practicing social distancing.

Look Forward to:

  • Follow-Along dance + Yoga lessons
  • A Cartoon Drawing Lesson
  • Easy Art & Craft Ideas (How-to videos with these too)
  • Family Challenges
  • Fun Science Experiments (Video demos you can follow along to)
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Ideas for Helping Families in need


How to Follow along with the 21-day ‘Home for the Count’ Challenge

Fun, interactive videos will be posted to our Facebook page every day at 10 am starting Monday, March 16th.

Stay tuned for all this and more in our upcoming emails. We’ll also be sharing videos and tips on Instagram and Facebook and we would love to have you follow along there.

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See below for links to each day’s videos. We’ll add them as they’re published and give you a heads up on any items needed for the next day.

Make it More Fun

Complete the challenge, get a sticker!

Follow along every day and at the end, we’ll tell you how to get this sweet decal for yourself.

Check off Your Challenges. Start at Any Time!

Print a checklist and check off challenges as you complete them.

Thanks to our community partners – and the GRKIDS & Co team – for making this project possible:

Do You Have a Business that Would Like to Get Involved?

We’re looking for prizes for the 21-Day Challenge participants, and potentially more video partners.

Let us know you’re interested and get more info here.

Daily Video Links

March 16

Day 1: Fort Building
  • Description: Today’s challenge is FORT BUILDING. Watch the video to get great tips from Bekah’s family and a look at the cool fort they built. We’re excited to see how your family participates! We want to see your forts and hear about how you’re building them!! — drop photos of your forts as a comment here. Who knows, we may “show off” your fort on our Instagram page!
  • Needed for tomorrow: – A black or dark-colored marker – A white piece of paper – Scrap paper (scrapbook paper, construction paper, old magazines, wrapping paper) – Glue (glue stick or white school glue) – Scissors (optional)

March 17

Day 2: Bunny Doodle
  • Description: Today’s challenge is BUNNY DOODLE. Watch the video by Julie, from Soul Sparklettes Art, and follow along as you create your own bunny (or alien or dinosaur) masterpiece. We want to see your completed artwork! — drop photos of your bunny art as a comment below.
  • Needed for tomorrow: Get ready to move with a Hip Hop Breaking Dance Lesson

March 18

Day 3: Hip Hop Breaking Workshop
  • Description: Today’s challenge is HIP HOP BREAKING WORKSHOP. Get ready to MOVE as you complete a Hip Hop Breaking Workshop. Record your new moves and drop the video in the comments.

March 19

Day 4: Race Car Recycling Craft
  • Description: Today’s challenge is TOILET PAPER TUBE CARS. Get creative with the recyclables at your house. Drop a pic of your race car creation in the comments.

March 20

Day 5: Burn Bootcamp Workout for Families
  • Description: Today’s challenge is BURN BOOKCAMP WORKOUT. Break out a sweat with the family.

March 21

Day 6: Build a Card House
  • Description: Today’s challenge is BUILD A CARD HOUSE – with bonus little kid sing-along storytime!
  • Coming up tomorrow: Science Project

March 22

Day 7: Science Experiment Challenge
  • Description: Today’s challenge is a SCIENCE EXPERIMENT CHALLENGE (using vinegar & baking soda) to watch the reaction!

March 23

  • Description: Today’s challenge is a PUPPETEER SING-A-LONG CHALLENGE – follow along with a fun, interactive song!

March 24

  • Description: Today’s challenge is a SURPRISE STORY BOOK – Watch the video, do the challenge, and then report back with a picture (giveaway alert)!

March 25

Day 10: Boxboard or Cereal Box Mask
  • Description: Today’s challenge is a CEREAL BOX MASK

March 26

Day 11: Pilates for Kids
  • Description: Today’s challenge is a PILATES FOR KIDS

March 27

Day 12: Puppet Making
  • Description: Today’s challenge is a PUPPET MAKING with the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

March 28

Day 13: Science Experiment
  • Description: Today’s challenge is a SCIENCE EXPERIMENT – Make your own cloud in a bottle!

March 29

Day 14: Cooking Class
  • Description: Today’s challenge is a COOKING CLASS – Make Mexican Rice and Homemade Tortillas

March 30

Day 15: Yoga for Kids
  • Description: Today’s challenge is YOGA FOR KIDS – along with a story time workout!

March 31

Day 16: Obstacle Course
  • Description: Today’s challenge is build an OBSTACLE COURSE

April 1

Day 17: Bird Watching
  • Description: Today’s challenge is BIRD WATCHING with the Kalamazoo Nature Center

April 2

Day 18: ZUMBA Kids Class
  • Description: Today’s challenge is ZUMBA for kids with Just Move – Fitness and More

April 3

Day 19: Poetry and Writing
  • Description: Today’s challenge is POETRY AND WRITING for kids with the Brooks family

April 4

Day 20: Public Art & Kindness
  • Description: Today’s challenge is Public Art – show kindness with chalk

April 5

Day 21: The Dinosaur Challenge + Cartoon Drawing
  • Description: Today’s FINAL challenge is CARTOON DRAWING with Wade at the GooGenious Cartoon Company

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