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Congratulations! You made it through the messy house, cooking, wrapping, holiday activities, and overall chaos that is the holiday season. Can you believe it’s come and gone?

I want my son to remember the important parts of the holiday season and one of those is giving thanks to those who took time to remember us. We make a list of gifts my son received on Christmas Day as he opens them, so nothing gets forgotten. We also take time to make thank you notes for everyone who helped make Christmas great i.e. any special activities that attended, special holiday programs we participated in, or even the friend coming over to play during Christmas break.

Creative Thank You Notes

1. Postcard. Have your child draw a 4 x 6 (or so) picture of the holidays. Make copies and glue them to 4×6 pieces of cardboard (you can recycle cereal boxes). On the blank side, write a note of thanks and include the recipient’s address. The picture side can be colored and decorated by your child.

2. Photo. Take a photo of your kiddo holding each newly opened toy on Christmas. Print the pics, and have your kiddo write a short note to accompany each one. Send them in the mail.


3. Video. Take a video of your kid thanking grandma for the awesome pajamas. Email the video with a personalized note.

4. Chalkboard Note. Write a short note from your child on a chalkboard. Take a photo of her holding the chalkboard. This can be sent as an email, or it can be printed and mailed (my personal preference).

5. Fill-in-the-blank. It’s tough for young kids to write a lot. Create a cute fill-in-the-blank template on your computer, and print several for your child to complete. Something like this: Dear ________, Thank you so much for the ______________________. It made me feel ________________. I hope you had a great Christmas. I love you! Sincerely, ____________.

Or click here for a Printable Thank You Note.

6. Stationery. There are many great websites that create cute personalized stationery for your kiddo. They’ll love to write a thank you note when it’s on great paper!


Hope these ideas get the creative juices flowing.


Let us know if the comment section below if you have any creative thank you note ideas. 





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