Our boating experience was provided by Gull Lake Marine to accommodate this review. All opinions are our own.

by Robin B and Jill P

For a fantastic boating and tubing experience the kids will be talking about all summer long, look no further than Gull Lake Marine, located several miles northeast of Kalamazoo.

We love being out on the lake – whether it is on a boat, canoe, paddleboard or any other means. KZOOkids.com partnered with Gull Lake Marine this summer to check out the many options they have for spending an afternoon on the lake. We had a great time exploring the crystal blue waters of Gull Lake.

Photo courtesy of Gull Lake Marine


  • Pontoons: Gull Lake Marine has several different size & speed pontoons, depending on whether you are interested in a slow stroll around the lake, or want to see some speed. The capacity ranges from 10-15 passengers.
  • Tubing: kids will love the chance to go tubing on the lake. They offer a few different style tubes depending on the number of children.
  • Paddle Board a great way to introduce yourself to the fun of a stand up paddle board!
  • Hobie Eclipse Paddle Board: wider than a standard paddleboard, with the hull and handlebars optimized for stability, this is a fun way to navigate the lake.
  • HydroBike: similar to a regular bicycle, but a HydroBike has you gliding over the water.
  • Hobie Kayak: for a slower pace adventure, consider a kayak. Afterwards, you can walk on over to the Ice House LLC for a well-deserved ice cream treat!


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  • Gull Lake Marine offers an easy-to-use online system to view the rental options (boating capacity, style, etc.) and calendar of availability. We loved the fact that they allow for both hourly and daily rentals – which can really help with the budget!
  • The option to add a ‘captain’ to a rental. If you’re not familiar with Gull Lake or have limited boating experience, this is the way to go! Our captain, Tenia, was extremely knowledgeable and pointed out a number of fun facts about Gull Lake, such as the car submerged in the channel. There are many other artifacts in the lake (railroad tracks even!), making it a hot spot for divers. Plus, we were able to relax and enjoy the boat ride.
  • The kids had a chance to check out some of the water toys available. They loved the freedom (and stability) of the Hobie Eclipse paddleboards and Hydrobikes to navigate around the marine area.
  • The rental staff was extremely knowledgeable! If you decide to take the helm, they will talk you through all of the safety rules and regulations and provide a map of Gull Lake illustrating the shallow regions and no-wake zones. Their goal is to ensure you have a fun and safe experience. All life jackets are provided.

For a perfect way to enjoy summer’s offerings, visit Gull Lake Marine today – it was double thumbs up experience for kids and the adults!



Gull Lake Marine | 12485 East D Ave, Richland | 800-252-3388


Direct Line: 269-626-3451
Directions: At the Fuel Dock
10 AM – 7 PM Daily*
*Weather permitting