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Submitted Event Requirements:

  • Events should be for kids from birth through teens. We will also list occasional events that are geared towards parents (for example, a Mom to Mom sale).
  • Events should be open to the general public and not just members of an organization. We love FREE family events!
  • If you are listing a multi-day/recurring event, the event needs to be available on a drop-in basis for a single session.
  • If registration is required for the entire sequence i.e. a class, camp or vacation bible school, it is not a calendar event. Please contact Robin@kzookids.com for advertising options such as one of our paid guides or a sponsored post.
  • Events should be submitted at least four days prior to the event date to ensure publication.
  • Examples of events that are appropriate for our KZOOkids.com Event Calendar are: family festivals, library storytimes, preschool open houses, parades geared toward families, and more. When you’re considering entering an event, think if this event is appropriate for families to attend.

Please Include:

  • Please include your contact information in your submission (name and either e-mail or phone number). This will not be included on the published event unless you also include it in the text portion of the listing.
  • Event Date, Time, & Location (please select an existing location if available)
  • In the Event Details, please include:
    • Event Description
    • Event Costs
    • Registration Information (if applicable)
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  • Photo in JPG or PNG format. By including this photo you are acknowledging that you have permission to share the photo and are granting KZOOkids with permission to publish.
  • When selecting categories, please select all relevant categories.
  • If your event venue is not listed, your event is canceled or you need to make modifications to your event after it has been submitted, email us

Event submissions may be edited before publication.


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