Who can ever have enough sitters?  Its good idea to keep your babysitter list updated – you never know when you might need her or him.  If you are looking for a new sitter, here are some resources to help you find a babysitter in Kalamazoo or Southwest Michigan.

1) Word of mouth – getting referrals from friends and family is a great way to find a reliable sitter.  I’ve asked other moms in one of my mom’s groups and got some great ideas.

2) College job boards – Both Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College have job boards to which you can post your sitter positions. I have found some great sitters at WMU.  I’ve mainly hired Sophmores or Juniors in College so I can utilize them for at least two years.

3) Craigslist-I know that using Craigslist may sound daunting for finding a babysitter to care for your kids.  I found my best long-term babysitter there!  The key is finding someone local, careful screening and meeting for a mini-interview.  I met my babysitter in our local library and the librarian just happened to know her and her family.

4) Neighbors or retirees in your area -I have found a few babysitters by just asking in my neighborhood if anyone would be willing to help.

5) Church youth groups – I’ve recently asked our church youth group director for ideas on who might be a good babysitter.  Also, consider having a young teen as a mother’s helper. A mother’s helper is someone who comes when you are home, but can add an extra hand so you can do other things around the house.

6) Care.com – This website provides connections for nannies, babysitters, daycare workers, tutors, special needs care and au pairs. You can search the database to connect with local people within your pay range. I also like Care.com since you can find other services such as housekeeping and tutoring, if needed.

7) Sittercity.com – A website that provides a database of babysitters and nannies near your zip code. Parents can post a job description to which sitters can apply.  Sittercity is a fee-based membership site.  Watch for deals or sign-up for their email list where you can often get a discount on membership.