5 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Teacher with Children - Gift for Teacher Christmas

A Teacher’s Job Is Never Done

Educators are the most amazing people. They spend so much time with our kids inside the classroom, and continue to work tirelessly after school.

This holiday season, you may be searching for a small way to say thank you to those that have enriched, guided, and supported your child. We surveyed our readers for small, but perfect, ways to say thank you this holiday season.

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Five Perfect Ways to Show Your Appreciation this Holiday Season

Here are a variety of hassle-free Christmas gift ideas for every kind of teacher out there.

1 – Gift Cards

Overwhelmingly, our readers suggested gift cards as the way to go, if you want to purchase a gift. Gift cards have the benefit of purchasing off the rack in various denominations, to fit any budget. A $5 gift card is more than enough to swing by the local coffee shop for a much-needed coffee pick-me-up.

Teacher-loved ideas, submitted by our readers:

  • Amazon.com
  • BookBug/This Is A Bookstore, Barnes & Nobles
  • Target
  • Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or another craft store
  • BIGGBY, Starbucks, Water Street Coffee
  • Teachers Pay Teachers (online)
  • Art Bayou, Painting with a Twist
  • Bell’s Brewery, Hop Cat, One Well Brewing, or another local restaurant

2 – Classroom Supplies

Teachers often have to spend their own money to get classroom supplies when they run out. Help them out with useful supplies like a box of Ticonderoga pencils, dry-erase markers, tissues, disinfectant wipes, or post-it notes. Or add some fun to their day with funky paper clips, gel pens, or metallic sharpies.

Often teachers keep a book wish list, so a book donation would also be a wonderful idea.

3 – Bath and Body Products

Deliciously scented hand soap and hand lotion are both useful and inexpensive for all of the times that teachers have to wash their hands. If you’re not sure of their favorite scent, going unscented or lightly scented is the best bet.

Feeling crafty? Involve the kids and have them make their own whipped body butter, sugar scrubs, or soap.

Lip balm can be a great gift since teachers spend most of their day talking.

4 – Delicious Treats

Chocolate is often a safe bet, but any homemade treat is a sweet thought. Cookies, chocolate-dipped strawberries, brownie or dry soup mixes in a jar, homemade lemonade, hot chocolate mix, homemade Chex mix, a favorite drink, or some of your family’s secret holiday recipe (but not the actual recipe, of course) would all be welcomed.

Fun kitchen tools are also a great way to go. You can always throw in a new spatula along with that cookie mix.

And last, but not least…

5 – A Heartfelt Letter

One of the sweetest, most thoughtful, and treasured ways to show a teacher appreciation is a letter written from the heart of a child.

Teachers hold these letters dear. It reminds them on a bad day that they are truly making a difference. Don’t underestimate this gift, even though it has no monetary value. The value of a gift like this can be much more.

teacher gift

Educators/former-teachers, let us know the best holiday gifts you’ve ever received from a student or a class.

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