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Summer is here! We are excited about all of the great things that there are to do with your kiddos in and around Kalamazoo.

To help you enjoy this summer season, KZOOkids.com has compiled lots of resources to help you plan your time. After all, less time on the computer figuring out what to do means more time spent doing fun time for you.

Enjoy that summer, and thanks for letting KZOOkids.com be a part of it!

Go-to Resources for Summer Fun around Kalamazoo

[courtesy of KZOOkids.com]


Summer Camp Guide

Summer Berry Picking

Our Favorite Parks Around Kalamazoo

Summer Festivals and Parades

Summer Arts Activities For Kids

Summer Reading Programs

Summer Concerts, Performances, and Outdoor Movies

Vacation Bible School Round-Up

Area Fun Runs

Daily Event Calendar