• beaches

Best Family Beaches in Southwest Michigan

Nothing Says Michigan Summer Like a Trip to the Beach Waves lapping, toes in the sand, sun kissing your skin, kids giggling as they topple their latest sandcastle - there is nothing quite like [...]

  • Art Classes Lessons and Learning - Kalamazoo

Art Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Make Refrigerator Worthy Masterpieces My house is covered in crafts. Whether it's the latest watercolor painting, a freshly built Play-Doh snowman, or a cardboard house awaiting Barbie's return, the projects are everywhere. While I [...]

  • Guide to Theater Classes around Kalamazoo

Theater Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Let the World be the Stage for your Child From a young age, children naturally start performing. As chubby little fingers walk the itsy bitsy spider up its water spout, a smile forms [...]

  • Gymnastics

Gymnastics Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Gymnastics and Tumbling Guide for Kalamazoo No doubt about it, gymnastics gives kids an early fitness foundation. Summersaulting off the furniture, balance walking along the curb, or making a bee-line for the monkey bars [...]