• Guide to Theater Classes around Kalamazoo

Theater Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Let the World be the Stage for your Child From a young age, children naturally start performing. As chubby little fingers walk the itsy bitsy spider up its water spout, a smile forms [...]

  • Gymnastics

Gymnastics Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Gymnastics and Tumbling Guide for Kalamazoo No doubt about it, gymnastics gives kids an early fitness foundation. Summersaulting off the furniture, balance walking along the curb, or making a bee-line for the monkey bars [...]

  • Sports Guide Kalamazoo

Guide to Youth Sports Around Kalamazoo

Southwest Michigan Sports Guide 2019 When was the last time you heard your child say "I want to try Lacrosse" or "Can we learn how to ice skate"? In our household, and I'm sure [...]

  • martial arts classes kids

Martial Arts Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

Not Your Typical Extracurricular Activity As parents, we are always striving to find the right activities for our children. Common extracurriculars may include soccer, gymnastics, dance classes or piano lessons. But what if none [...]

  • Kalamazoo Summer Camps

Kalamazoo Summer Camps Guide for 2019

Summer Camps in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan School might not be out for summer vacation yet, but it is not too early to begin planning your summer! When making summer plans, why not include [...]

  • Train to Chicago

Taking the Train to Chicago

Traveling to Chicago by Rail All aboard! I love the fact that Kalamazoo is close enough to take a take a day trip to Chicago. What I don't love is the drive to Chicago. Taking [...]