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Snow days can come in two forms: two feet of the soft, white of snow type where kids can be seen playing outside building snowmen and the other type, where the temperature is so cold and it’s just better to stay inside. If you have one of the latter, you might be wondering what to do with your kids all day aside from electronics or playing a board game. Here are some ideas that you can do with mostly easy-to-find materials that won’t require putting on six layers in order to go to the store!


1. Mission Impossible Laser Maze

All you need is some string or leftover crepe paper from the last birthday party and a bell or something that makes noise to invite little and big kids to be a spy. Place a basket of treasures at the end, get the kids in all black, and find a hallway or open room where you can wrap the string around to create a maze. They can come up with spy names and a back-story, what a great way to get in some gross motor and creative fun! Check out the comments for a leveled up version involving a laser pointer and mirrors!

2. Indoor Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

Do you have any leftover glow sticks from Halloween or empty pop or water bottles? Fill up the bottles and drop a glow stick inside, screwing the cap on extra tightly. Grab a small basketball (or another ball with enough heft to knock over the pins), turn off the lights, and away you go!

3. Spa Day

Find a place near the fireplace and grab nail polish, a tub and Epsom salts for soaking, lotion and other goodies, and turn on some soft music. Make you and the kids some hot chocolate, and pamper each other. Try making your own lotion or face mask from one of the many recipes out there or use a simple avocado, honey and oatmeal face mask as suggested in the ten steps for having a DIY spa day above!

4. Play Balloon Tennis

Grab one of those leftover birthday balloons and a couple of leftover birthday plates and get ready to play some indoor tennis! For younger kids do something simple like play keep the balloon off of the ground and for older kids feel free to make up your own rules and point system.

5. Make a Giant Sticky Spider Web

Spiders aren’t just for Halloween! If you have some painter’s or masking tape lying around, you have everything you need. Find a doorway and use the tape sticky side outward to make a giant web. Then raid the old newspaper and magazine stashes to make some balls and get ready for some throwing fun. Follow it up with a book about spiders for a great learning opportunity!

6. Make Snow Ice Cream

Head outside to grab some fresh snow and bring it inside to turn it into a tasty treat! Sugar, vanilla, and either half-and-half or whole milk combine with snow to make a delicious ice cream. Have fun adding toppings or adding a banana!

7. Set Up An Art Buffet

For the more daring parents, find a tablecloth and cover that dining room table and put some sheets down on the floor and prepare to be messy! Cover the table with paper (if you have butcher or easel paper, here’s a great time to use it) and tape it down, and then raid the art supplies. Pencils, pens, markers, crayons, stamps, dot markers, paint, glue, scissors, string, beads are all great ideas, and then step back and see what your kids create!

8. Unleash Your Inner Paleontologist

Salt dough makes a fantastic vehicle for creating all sorts of things, including dinosaur bones! All you need is salt, flour and water. Once you have your dough, have fun shaping them into bones and then bake them in the oven to harden them. This is a fun project in and of itself, but to take it one step further, take a container and fill it with dirt, chocolate cake mix, flour mixed with cocoa powder and get ready to dig with the help of a pastry brush. Salt dough makes fantastic ornaments of your child’s handprints too if you have any leftover!

9. Put on a Puppet Show With Homemade Sock Puppets

Chances are you have some spare socks lying around that have lost their mates. What better way to use these socks than turning them into adorable sock puppets. Check out the link for all sorts of ideas such as a snake, bee, a love bug and more. Then if you have a big spare box, cut out a rectangle and decorate it and put on a puppet show!

10. Build a Fortress

Boxes, sheets, blankets, glow sticks, and rope all make great fortress building equipment! Click the link above to find nine great ideas from forts to castles to teepees for a place all of their own.

11. Make Some Homemade Playdough

Making your own playdough allows you to make whatever color and scent you want for an overall great sensory experience. Cinnamon and red food coloring, a couple drops of orange cooking extract with some red and yellow food coloring, green food coloring with coconut cooking extract, the possibilities are endless! Little beads, stones, sticks, or regular play dough equipment works just as well with the homemade dough and when you’re done with it, seal it in an air proof container and it will keep for at least six months!

12. Coffee Filter Fun

Coffee filters are a great addition to an arts and crafts cabinet and something you probably have on hand. Make a sun catcher, a monster, a jellyfish, there are twenty-four ideas and there’s sure to be something to entice even the reluctant artist.

13. Ooh Over Oobleck

If you have cornstarch, then you have what you need to make this fun type of slimy fun. Oobleck is a fun combination of liquid and solid so it’s fun to play with for younger kids and makes a great science experiment for older kids. Start off the fun with the Dr. Seuss book “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” for a full Dr. Seuss day of fun!

14. Indoor Obstacle Course

Grab the chairs, the string, the cushions, the tables, beanbags and anything you can get your hands on to make an indoor obstacle course. The only rules are your own! To get started, click the link above for some ideas!

15. Do the Pretzel Twist

There’s no better way to get kids eating their food than to have them involved in the process. Try this easy-from-scratch pretzel recipe with your kids and let them have fun kneading the dough and twisting their own creations. Then offer some dip, I bet they won’t eat just one!