Want a Workout Where You Can Bring Your Kid? Gyms and Fitness Centers Near Kalamazoo with Childcare

FItness Centers with childcare - Mom on treadmill

Sweat Without Sweating the Whereabouts of Your Child

I ran my first marathon in a former life… you know, the one I had before children. Running outside was easy and could be done without much pre-planning. The only must-have item I needed when looking for a gym were treadmills. 

Fast forward five years and two babies later, and things got complicated.

Sure, I was chasing a toddler around, but that wasn’t exactly the training I needed for my next marathon. And I definitely couldn’t just walk out my front door and leave my kids at home alone. 

When I started my gym search it quickly became clear that one amenity item to have was non-negotiable – childcare.

There are a number of gyms near Kalamazoo with child-care options, because we all agree, fitness is important.  

Kalamazoo Area Gyms with Child Care

Searching for a fitness center with child care was almost a workout in itself but I found one that fit my needs. You won’t have to break a sweat doing the same search.

We’ve created a list of local fitness centers with childcare, so you can get in your cardio, weights, yoga, or whatever your fitness routine is. Several gyms offer member and non-member options. 

1) YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo: 1001 W. Maple St Kalamazoo, MI | 269-345-9622 and Portage: 2900 W. Centre Portage, MI | 269-324-9622

The YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo offers the Kids Zone child care at both YMCA locations The Kid Zone is available for children up to two hours a day. See the schedule for both member and non-member rates.

Age Range: 6 weeks to 8 years old.

Fitness Center - Childcare gym Kalamazoo


2) West Hills Athletic Club

2001 S. 11th Street Kalamazoo, MI | 269-387-0455

Members of West Hills Athletic Club are welcome to drop their kids off at Kid Club for up to two hours a day while they use the fitness center.  Kids Club Fee information is listed online for members and non-members. Members can purchase monthly Kids Club memberships. 

Age Range: Six weeks and older (Note: West Hills requests advance notice for infants under six months of age before arrival).

fitness center - childcare room


3. Bronson Athletic Club

6789 Elm Valley Drive Kalamazoo, MI | 269-544-3200

At the Bronson Athletic Club, children have fun in the Youth Activity Center (YAC) with three separate areas: Infant Room, Toddler Town, and Youth Activity Room. Time limits for the YAC are 3 hours for 18+ months and 2 hours for children under 18 months old. Fee information available here for members and non-members. Members can purchase monthly passes. 

Age Range: 8 weeks to 12 years old. (Reservations are required for ages 18-months and younger).


4) Borgess Health & Fitness Center

3025 Gull Road Kalamazoo, MI | 269-552-2348

Borgess Health & Fitness Center offers the Stay ‘n Play Child Care for members. For information on hours and rates, contact the front desk staff.

Age Range: 6 months to 12 years old. (drop-ins are allowed, but 24-hour advanced registration is preferred as space is limited). 


5) Just Move Fitness and More

626 Romence Road, Ste. 104, Portage, MI | 269-425-2387

Have a fitness playdate. Just Move Fitness offers the Little Movers Club for supervised play for little children at some of their morning classes. Little Movers Club is $5/family, or purchase a Childcare Punch Card (10 visits for $40).

Age Ranges: ages 5 and under. (Reservations requested, space is limited). 

Gyms with Childcare Kalamazoo

6) Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center

6225 N. 39th Street, Augusta, MI 269-731-3000

The Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center offers childcare free to its members with family memberships. Caregivers may leave their children in Child Watch for a maximum of two hours a day.

Age Range: Infant to 8 years old.

Did we miss your local fitness center that has childcare? Let us know in the comments.