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Kalamazoo Area Preschools Are Enrolling NOW


Our 2016 Area Preschool Guide can be found here. Find all of the latest information for the 2016-2017 school year.

We have a great listing of preschools that you’d want to check out. Plus, find out more information about the preschools enrollment policies, school philosophies and more! Preschools are enrolling now, so you’ll want to reserve your spot soon!





Did you know that many preschools start their enrollments in January and February for the next school year?

We’re here to help you research options for preschool for your little one in and around Kalamazoo. Use our list of area preschools to get started. (Thanks to all of the area moms and dads on our Facebook page for their suggestions on this list.)

Good luck in your research!


Preschool Listings Around Kalamazoo and Portage


More Preschool Research Help

Have you checked out Kalamazoo County Ready 4’s and the Kalamazoo County Great Start Collaborative? They are both great additional resources for you in doing your preschool research.

Kalamazoo County Ready 4’s

Kalamazoo County Ready 4’s is a community-designed organization focused on helping local public and private pre-kindergarten programs reach high quality. KC Ready 4’s offers tuition assistance to qualifying families so they can afford to enroll their 4-year-olds in high-quality pre-kindergarten programs.

Great Start Collaborative

Great Start is part of a state-wide movement focused on helping parents find the best child care and preschool for their child and to help providers improve the care and education they give to children. There is a great tool available to parents: Great Start Connect.

By visiting the website, greatstartconnect.org, parents can search for child care and preschool providers that will best meet the needs of their family. Also, check out the great resources that we have locally at Kalamazoo County Great Start Collaborative.