It’s a Digital Trimester Start for Kalamazoo Public Students This Fall

Kalamazoo High School

Kalamazoo Public Schools Propose Three Trimester Phases to Transition to In-Person Learning

Kalamazoo Public Schools released a 2020-2021 RETURN -TO -SCHOOL PLAN today with a phased approach to returning their students to their classrooms full time by March 15, 2021. Full time, in-person teaching requires Michigan to be in Phase 6 (Michigan is currently in Phase 4).

In a document posted today,  Kalamazoo Public Schools let their families know that the first day of school this fall will be on August 31, 2020. It states:

KPS will be utilizing a tiered process for integrating students back into the classroom for traditional instruction through the school year. Families also have the option to remain fully virtual for the full school year. Both the tiered option and two virtual options include continued eligibility for The Kalamazoo Promise scholarship. Current data and recommendations from qualified public health officials will dictate if the tiered plan moves to tiers 2 and 3 during the school year. Adjustments will be made and communicated as they occur.

KPS is hosting a series of seven virtual town halls to discuss their plans and take questions from all KPS stakeholders. These Zoom discussions will be offered between August 4 – 12 (registration is required).

Back to School • COVID Reopening Plan

Families Can Choose the KPS Trimester Model or 100% Virtual Instruction

Kalamazoo Public Schools is developed its Return-to-School plan around family choice.  Families can select from three learning options, and must select by August 14:

1 | KPS Three-Tiered/Trimester Option

KPS students will move from Virtual –>Hybrid –>In-Person through three trimesters:

  • Trimester 1 (Aug 31  – Nov 24): 100% Virtual Instruction with a KPS teacher with classmates from school
  • Trimester 2 (Nov 30 – Mar 12): Hybrid Instruction with 2 days in-person/3 days virtual (requires Michigan Phases 4 or 5)
  • Trimester 3 (Mar 15 – Jun 11): In-Person Instruction 5 days/week (requires Michigan Phase 6)

2 | KPS Virtual Option

100% Virtual learning with a KPS teacher (teacher may not be from student’s assigned school).

  • K-8 uses Calvert Learning; 9-12 uses GradPoint
  • Students are still enrolled at KPS; dual enrollment offered
  • Families may switch to Option 1 (3 Tier/Trimester) at the beginning of each trimester only.

3 | County Virtual Option

100% Virtual learning with KRESA Virtual & Innovative Collaborative (KVIC) countywide virtual curriculum taught by a Kalamazoo County teacher (teacher may not be from KPS).

  • K-5 uses Lincoln Learning; 6-12 uses Michigan Virtual
  • Still enrolled at KPS; AP offered
  • Families may NOT switch learning options if they select the county virtual option. This learning selection is locked for the school year.

In all three options, students are eligible for the Kalamazoo Promise.

KPS Return to Learn

Kalamazoo Public Schools Plan

School Resumes: August 31, 2020
Learning Plan Options: 

  • KPS Three-Tiered Trimester Model: Phased approach from Virtual–>Hybrid–>In-Person instruction, over three scheduled trimesters.
  • KPS Virtual: 100% Virtual Instruction with a KPS Teacher (teacher may not be from assigned school).
  • County Virtual: 100% Virtual Instruction with a County Teacher (teacher may not be from KPS school district).

Students enrolled in all three options are still enrolled with KPS and Kalamazoo Promise eligible


More Information

Kalamazoo Public Schools is keeping parents updated on both their website and social media: