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When was Your Last Dental Checkup?

When choosing a dentist, it’s important to find one that not only handles your own dental and oral health needs but the entire family as well. At Kalamazoo Smiles, the staff provides children with extra TLC as they strive to make the dental visit a fun experience.

Dr. Katherine Schrier, DMD, wants kids to enjoy coming to the dentist from an early age. Families should not only be in charge of their oral health but feel comfortable at the office. Her smiles are contagious, and children are quickly at ease and ready for their checkups.

Kalamazoo Smiles combines trusted technology with service in a friendly and gentle manner.

Your Smile is Priceless

We love it when our kids smile.

Kalamazoo Smiles aims to keep that smile lighting up a room, whether it’s the two front teeth or the entire mouth.

A good smile builds confidence in everyday life. As adults, we want to have that confidence in our smile. In addition to routine dental care, Kalamazoo Smiles offers cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, for adults.

At Kalamazoo Smiles, they understand the hectic schedules of families. Did you know they provide the option for patients to whiten teeth at home when it’s most convenient for them?

Or, consider Zoom Teeth Whitening, where patients can achieve a noticeably whiter smile in just one appointment. Patients go home with their brightest smile without having to wait for the bleaching trays to work.  Upcoming nuptials? Brides and grooms receive a discount.

Request an appointment today to learn more about cosmetic dental services at Kalamazoo Smiles.

Service So Friendly, They Feel Like Family

At Kalamazoo Smiles, the staff prides themselves on providing individualized care even for the youngest and most anxious of patients. Whether it’s a child with special needs, or an adult who hasn’t had a dental check-up in years.

Although Dr. Katie takes her dentistry seriously, her aim is to make it so that kids have their dental checkups and procedures in a fun-filled environment.

One of the most rewarding feelings is treating a full family because it symbolizes a mutual bond of trust and care. Ensuring the full family is happy and healthy allows that family to focus on the other important things in life.”    – Dr. Katie Schier, DMD

Children are excited to come in, and happy when they leave. Kids love to pose with their ‘Proud to be Cavity Free’ certificate and gain confidence in their own future oral hygiene.

Kalamazoo Smiles

At Kalamazoo Smiles, Dr. Katie’s goal is to invest in the patient relationship. Dr. Katie and staff enjoy teaching parents and patients how to take care of their teeth…together.

Contact Kalamazoo Smiles today at 269-353-3700 to schedule an appointment and be ready to smile for years to come.

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