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Did you know that there is a classic arcade just a short drive from Kalamazoo? The arcade features video games from the 1980’s and a variety of pinball machines from the 1960’s-1990’s. Featured games include, but are not limited to:

  • Pac-Man
  • Donkey Kong
  • Frogger
  • Space Invaders

If that does not bring back a sense of nostalgia then maybe trying one of the 100 different varieties of soda in glass bottles will!

There is a $5 entrance fee and you can play all day. There are a few games that give tickets that can be turned in for prizes! These games require the purchase of tokens that are offered for a nominal fee.


Our Visit To Klassic Arcade

We visited the arcade on a Saturday afternoon and had a great time! My six year old son does not play a lot of video games so this was a fun experience. There were a ton of games to try- classic 1980’s video games, air hockey and a large variety of pinball machines. He had a blast bouncing from game to game.

The owner is an exceptionally nice man who works hard to provide a place for kids and kids at heart to have fun! I really appreciated the fact that for a flat fee we could enjoy so many games. There are stools scattered around the arcade which we found helpful when playing the video games. We stayed for about two hours and the time just flew by! I almost forgot that it was still daytime when we left.


More Information

A snack bar is also available with offerings such as pizza, hot pretzels, tater tots, candy and many more.

Hours of operation are as follows:

  • Friday 4 pm-8 pm
  • Saturday 12 pm-8 pm
  • Sunday 1 pm-5 pm


Klassic Arcade, 22711 M-40, Gobles, MI



*Private parties and birthday parties are also options. (See our KZOOkids.com Birthday Party Guide for more information).


Tips From A Parent

*Just a quick caveat regarding the noise level, the arcade can get a bit loud when crowded. I would keep that in mind if you have a child that is sensitive to noise.

I would also suggest visiting the Klassic Arcade website for a full listing of games, soda and a ton of pictures!

Something else offered at the same location is the M-40 Raceway. If your child is into off road remote control racing, then walk behind the building for the track. it stays open year round, weather permitting.

Enjoy your visit!