Maximizing Your Potential with Bronson Sports Medicine Performance Training

Bronson Sports Medicine Performance Training

Can I just be honest? When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first son, we spent lots of time discussing the sports we hoped he’d play. But even more than that we really just hoped and prayed that he’d get all my husband’s athletic genes because I was born with absolutely none whatsoever. Then when he was of age, we did what many parents do…signed him up for little leagues!

Sports classes and leagues designed specifically for young kids can set a good foundation of understanding a sport. But as kids get older and are able to participate in competitive sports, they get serious about gaining skills to improve performance. Bronson Sports Medicine Performance Training Programs offer kids and adults alike the opportunity to hone in on everything they need to reach new levels in their athletic abilities.

From individual and group lessons to summer camps, performance training is available for both boys and girls from 4th– 8th grade and 9th-12th grade.

So, What Exactly Is Performance Training?

It’s basically impossible to talk sports without acknowledging the physical skills that make superstar athletes stand out among the rest. Whether it’s running, throwing, catching, or shooting, it’s the quality of an athlete’s abilities that entices others to try to mirror them.

At Bronson Sports Medicine Performance Training, athletes will learn to advance their personal superstar skills by improving strength, speed, agility, endurance, balance, and stability.  They may also learn about explosive power, coordination and body control, and other movement patterns and skills.

Bronson Sports Medicine Performance Training brings athletics and medical science together for improved sports performance and injury prevention, so while kids are building on their skill set, they are also learning to “play it safe.”

There’s No “I” in Team…

But Michael Jordan said, “there is an ‘I’ in WIN.”  With Bronson’s training programs, athletes can focus on making strides in personal growth. Instructors create custom plans based on individual needs, helping athletes and teams reach specific goals.  Met goals are then used to enhance the performance of the team and can aid in “bringing home the w!”

These programs are led by certified trainers and certified strength and conditioning specialists.  They are uniquely supported by sports medicine providers across multiple specialties, including orthopedic, sports medicine and family practice physicians, physical therapists, athletic and personal trainers.

Get in the Game, Kids!

Looks like my oldest son didn’t quite get all the athletic genes we dreamed he’d have, and that’s totally cool! Sports just aren’t his thing! But our youngest definitely acquired some skills and a huge interest. He’s a 2.5-year-old that regularly sits down to watch ESPN with his morning cereal!

If your big kid is as interested in sports as my little one, it might be time to take the next step above youth leagues. Strength and conditioning group classes are available every week in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek for children in grades 4-12. Summer sports camps are available for children in grades 4-8 and 9-12 and are designed to improve their movement patterns by focusing on speed, agility, explosiveness and power.

Individual, team, and group training sessions are available! The initial consultation for individual training is free, but program costs vary according to the number of participants and sessions.

*The Kalamazoo training location is located inside Softball Fans/Hardball Fans at 3433 Midlink Drive and the Battle Creek training location is located inside Goals Performance Academy at 4407 Columbia Ave W.

Let’s Get Moving and Start Training!

Strength and conditioning classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 PM at a cost of $25 per class for athletes in grades 9-12 and $15 for grades 4-8. Also, Four-day Summer Sports Camps will be held in July and August at a cost of $90. For specific dates and registration information visit the website or call (855) 618-2676.

Classes and camps are coordinated by Stacie Harris, MS, CSCS, Performance Training Coordinator.

Is your child ready to maximize his or her athletic potential? Sign up and start training!

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