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Wondering if Michigan’s Adventure is right for your family this summer? We love this fun amusement park, the only one in Michigan of it’s kind. Each year, we make the trip to Michigan’s Adventure as one of our summer family traditions. The drive is just about one hour and forty-five minutes from Kalamazoo.

A trip to Michigan’s Adventure makes a great side trip if you’re visiting some of the resort towns up north such as Silver Lake, Muskegon, Pentwater, or Ludington.

*This guide has been updated for 2017. 

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MA-Ferris Wheel

Why We Love Michigan’s Adventure

Michigan’s Adventure is Michigan’s largest amusement and water park, featuring over 60 rides and attractions including our world-class wooden roller coaster, Shivering Timbers which is over 1 mile long and 125 feet tall. Experience six other great roller coasters, Corkscrew, Thunderhawk, Wolverine Wildcat, Mad Mouse, Zach’s Zoomer and Big Dipper.

Michigan’s Adventure also offers thrill rides, and kiddie rides (which make it a good place to visit if you have younger kiddos). Older kids will like the rides such as Thunderhawk, Michigan’s first suspended looping roller coaster or Shivering Timbers. Shivering Timbers is longest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Michigan reaching speeds up to 65 mph.

MA-Be Bop MA-Bumper Boats

Younger kids will enjoys rides such as the Go-Karts, Be-Bop Blvd, Timbertown Railway, Bummer Boats, and Zach’s Zoomer.

You will also find food stands, miniature golf, games and gift shops around the park. Be prepared to pay “amusement park prices” for the food.

MA-Motor Cycle

2017 Ticket Prices

Tickets for 2017 will get you in the amusement park and the water park. They are $37 for thrill seekers 48 inches or taller, $33 for guests under 48 inches, and free for kids 2 and under. You can get $3 discount for single-day tickets by ordering online.

Two-day tickets are available online for $52 (plus taxes/fees).

Parking is $13 per vehicle for the day ($20 for oversized).


MA-Park Overview

Michigan’s Adventure: Wild Water Adventure

One of the best features of Michigan’s Adventure is that the water park is included in the price of admission. Many times, we spend the afternoon hours in the water park section of Michigan’s Adventure. The water park is large enough to be its own attraction.

WildWater Adventure features include Beach Party, three wave pools, tube slides, body slides, Funnel of Fear and a family play area.

We love the lazy river and the wave pool! If you plan to ride the water slides, be prepared to do a lot of stair climbing and carrying inner tubes. Some of the larger tubes can get pretty heavy.

New for 2017 is Half Pint Paradise which your younger kids will love!

According to Michigan’s Adventure website:

[quote] Half Pint Paradise will be completely revamped with all new equipment including seven new children’s slides. In addition, a new Splash Pad will offer a variety of interactive water play features shaped to reflect a sailboat navigating through fish, a sea serpent, and other sea creatures to stimulate the imagination for kids of all ages. Dumping water structures and bubbling geysers surround the features and make playtime exciting to the delight and engagement of younger park goers.




10 Tips For Your Family Trip To Michigan’s Adventure


Here are a few tips for Michigan’s Adventure if you plan on heading there with you family this summer:

  1. Get there early in the day, if possible. We try to arrive 30 minutes or so before the park opens. This allows us to get a better parking spot and plan our day at the park.
  2. Pack your lunch in cooler. Although you’re not allowed to bring food into the park, we always pack out own lunch and eat at our car. You can easily leave the park and have your lunch in the car. The parking lot is typically easy to manage and easy to find your way to your car.
  3. Have a rainy day plan. Michigan’s Adventure does not close due to poor weather. On rainy days, some rides may close for safety reasons and will be re-opened as soon as safely possible. Bring your own rain ponchos along. Many times you can find packable rain ponchoS at the dollar store.
  4. Be prepared to pay extra money beyond the park entrance fees. Our small locker that we rented at the waterpark was $10 and our parking fee was $13. Bottled water is $4-5.  So without buying any food or additional snacks, you’re likely to spend more money than just park admission cost.
  5. Go early in the season if possible. Our family has gone over the years and typically we’ve noticed that early is the season and during the week tend to be off-peak times and a little less busy.
  6. Put together your park strategy. We love that the park offer BOTH the fun amusement park rides and the waterpark. Typically, the waterpark opens one hour after the amusement park opens. We like to get there early to take advantage of the waterpark and grab a chair by the pool. Chairs go quickly!
  7. Bring your own towels for the water park. Michigan’s Adventure does not supply towels, but you will find ample life jackets.
  8. Wear a lot of sun screen. We learned this the hard way. Ouch!
  9. Shirts, shoes and shorts/pants are required in the amusement park at all times. This means that you won’t be able to wear your swimsuit after spending time in the waterpark and hop back onto the rides at the amusements park.
  10. Bring your own stroller. Also, know that you can rent a stroller or a wagon at the park.

MA-Motor Cycle

For More Information

For more information on Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure, visit:

In 2017, Michigan’s Adventure amusement park is open May 26-Sept. 10. The WildWater Adventure water park has separate hours and is open May 27-Sept. 4.

Address: 1198 W Riley-Thompson Rd, Muskegon, MI 49445




Have any other tips for parents heading to Michigan’s Adventure this summer? Let us know in the comment section below.


Enjoy your trip to Michigan’s Adventure!