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It’s officially “Back-to-School” season and will soon be time to get your kiddos ready for the new school year. Since we’ve got to do it, why not share a few ideas on how to do back-to-school shopping and not break the bank. Here are some tips we (and some of our readers came up with:

Shop at Home

Kids bring home a book bag filled with leftover items at the end of the school year. Plus most of us keep a variety of glue, pencils, paper and other school supplies on hand for projects at home, so start back-to-school shopping at home. Make it a game for your kids by having a scavenger hunt to see who can find the most school-related items with the winner getting a prize.

Look For Internet Sales

I am always watching my email for notifications on the best sales around. Bookmark these or make a special note of where the deals are. When its time to go shopping, you’ll save yourself the time and hassle. I’ve already bought my son his school uniform at the uniform shop at Old Navy and saved a ton of money.

Once and Done

Instead of going to multiple stores to shop for needed items, make one trip to a store that offers price-matching. Scour the sale circulars and pick out the best prices, then make one trip armed with circulars to save yourself time, gas and overspending at the checkout.

Invest in Labels

How many times has your child come home without a jacket, mitten, or (in my son’s case) a wrong pair of winter boots? Teachers that I know suggest that you label everything. Here are two sites that you can buy labels that have stood the test of time: Mabel’s Labels and Oliver’s Labels. Sure, a Sharpie works…but these are sooo much better.

Change of Seasons

Buy a couple must-have, back-to-school outfits now, then wait until the seasons change and prices get slashed before buying more new clothes. Clearance sale racks are your friends when shopping for kids back-to-school clothing.

Online Books

Many of the classic books which will be required reading for the older kids can be downloaded for free. The downloads can be printed in a variety of formats if desired and you can save yourself the expense of purchasing new books. Also, check with our local libraries for information on how to sign out e-books. 

Stock Up for Later Use

“Back-to-School” time is a good time to take advantage of sales prices on markes, crayons, and other supplies that can be used later for stocking stuffers or birthday gift baskets. Thanks to Jenny L, one of our Facebook readers, for this tip. Or donate an extra set of school supplies to kids in our community in need. 

Hit the Consignment Shops

Check out some of our local kids consignment shops for the back-to-school clothing that you need. Second Childhood, Once Upon A Child, and Bee Mine Too Consignment Shop are some of the local stores where you can find good deals.

What are your best back-to-school shopping tips?

Please share your ideas or good sales that you’ve found in the comment section below.




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