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What does a Cow say? MOO-ville Creamery.

On our summer ‘bucket list’ was a visit to MOO-ville Creamery. We spared no time and on the first official day of summer break we made our way to the creamery voted in the top ten of Michigan’s best ice cream parlors.

Located in Nashville, MI about 20 miles north of Battle Creek, MOO-ville is a family owned full-service dairy farm that makes over 60 flavors of their own ice cream as well as cheese, yogurt smoothies and butter. My two daughters, (ages six and four) and I tagged along on a pre-arranged group tour with a preschool class so we had a chance to explore and learn about all of the dairy operations.

Mooville-tourOur Tour

Bonnie was our tour guide for the day and she was awesome!  We started out in an educational room and were provided a little history about the farm and how they produced their products.

Our next stop was to look at the calves who were just born and then visit the cows. If you bring children, they will be sure to comment on the smell. Surprisingly, it is from the fermented hay/corn feed that the cows eat. The cows housing area was very well-maintained and clean. Bonnie was very careful to make sure all of the children were safe and stayed in their designated areas.


One tip – have your child reach his/her hand out and let the cow come to them. The children’s natural instinct was to try and pet the cow and this most often would make the cow retreat. The next area was the robotic milking barn/process. This is relatively new to MOO-ville; installed in 2012 allowing each cow to produce up to 11 gallons of milk each day! We headed back to the main store to try out some soft-serve ice cream; it was delicious!


The Petting Zoo

After that we were free to wander the petting zoo area which was definitely a highlight. The petting farm area is extremely spacious allowing children ample space and time to visit all of the animals. For 50 cents you can feed the goats and sheep pellet food. They also have pigs, chickens, rabbits, a donkey and a Zebu. I had to ask what a Zebu was – a miniature cow with a hump. There is a small swing set and sand box play area.  Several picnic tables scattered on-site if you want to pack a lunch.  Moo-ville offers a hot dog lunch or sandwich wrap as well. For just 50 cents you can enjoy a bottomless cup of milk. I tried my girls chocolate milk and must say it was absolutely divine! The best I’ve ever had, hands down.


Public Tours Are Available

MOO-ville offers general public tours Saturday’s at 11:00 am beginning in June and running until September, weather permitting. No reservations are needed for the Saturday tours, just show up and be ready to go by 11:00 am.

Tours last around 70-90 minutes and the guide will tailor the tour for the general audience/age. There is a bit of walking on the tour – through barns and down a small rocky hill, so you’ll want to wear decent shoes. It may be tricky to navigate a stroller, so keep that in mind if planning a tour visit. Check the website or call for pricing information for the tours.

Thumbs Up

There is plenty to do and see if you simply want to head out to Moo-ville and spend an afternoon. They also host a variety of special events throughout the summer, so you’ll want to check out their MOO-ville website or MOO-Vile Facebook page. We definitely plan to make a trip back to the farm!