9 Outdoor Game Ideas Made Fun with Backyard Fun Zone

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Outdoor Summer Fun + Banish Boredom with Backyard Fun Zone

Looking for ways to amp up the fun with these energy-elevating games on a trampoline, swing set, or basketball hoop?

Backyard Fun Zone is here to help, with interactive games the entire family can play that are fun for all ages! A video is below so you can see the games in action. These are sure to get the heart pumping, and the whole family outside enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Backyard Fun Zone staff are experts in all things outdoors. They sell trampolines, playsets, basketball hoops, and outdoor furniture.

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9 Fun Summer Games to Play

We’ve broken them down for you, but make sure to take a peek at the video to see how the games are played. As always, adult supervision while playing these games is important.

Summer Games to Play on Trampolines, Swing Sets and basketball hoops

9 summer game ideas to play on a trampoline, swing set or with a basketball hoop. 😊😊Watch with your kids to inspire their next play session! And if you're interested in trying out any of the equipment, it's waiting for you up in Comstock Park. Obligatory safety note: adult supervision while playing these games is important. If you have any other games you like to play in your backyard, we'd love to hear about them! Questions? Call Tracie 616-785-7383 or visit http://www.backyardfunzone.com/

Posted by Grand Rapids Kids on Friday, 15 June 2018

Trampoline Games

1. Rock, Paper, and Scissors – Trampoline Style!

This game uses the classic game of rock-paper-scissors but with the whole body on a trampoline! On the count of three, players choose from one of the three options below:
Rock = tucked in knees
Paper = lay flat
Scissors = sit

2. Bum Wars

Play with a friend where you jump up and land on your bum and then jump up again. Last person standing wins!

3. Mummy Mummy

Play this game with multiple friends on a trampoline. One person lays down and everyone else chants, “Mummy mummy, come alive!” and the “mummy” gets up and tries to tag someone. The first person tagged becomes the next mummy!

4. Poison Ball

Any extra balls lying around the yard? This game is a perfect time to use them. Place an array of balls on the trampoline and the balls are “poison”. Walk or jump around on the trampoline and try to avoid them. Each player get three lives and the last person wins!

Swing Set Games

5. Obstacle Course

This game has endless possibilities, and is only limited by your child’s imagination! Scale a rock wall, down a slide, across the monkey bars, through a tunnel – everything is fair game. It can be adjusted based on age and made more difficult by using a timer.

6. Tug-o-War

One person lays stomach down on a swing and holds onto a jump rope. Another person stands in front of them and pulls them. Great for two friends and for working those arm muscles. Prepare for lots of giggles!


Basketball Hoop/Basketball Games

7. Lightning

Up to ten people can play this game. Everyone stands in a line and the first two people get basketballs. The first person tries to make a basket. If they succeed, they hand it off to the third person in line and go to the end of the line. If they don’t succeed, the next person is allowed to start shooting and if they make a basket, the first person sits down/is out and hands the ball to the next player in line. The game continues by process of elimination until there is one winner!

Basketball hoop

8. Around the World

Chalk or tape around an area and attempt to make a basket from five different spots in a row. If a player misses one, they go back to the beginning. The first person to make a basket from all five spots wins! There are multiple variations on this game. Want to make it easier? If the player misses the basket, they stay at their spot and try again on their next turn.

9. Line Dribbling Challenge

Use chalk to draw a line on the ground and players can make up rules such as alternating hands, alternating directions, under a leg, and more. What a great way to get basketball practice and use your creativity. End the game with an all net shot for an added challenge!

Boredom Buster with Backyard Fun Zone

Backyard Fun Zone has been in the business of building childhood memories for 23 years. The only thing they sell is fun! Kids can take a break from technology and enjoy the fresh air and physical benefits of bouncing a trampoline, climbing or swinging on a swing set, or increasing their coordination and teamwork with a basketball hoop.

Customer service is their specialty. Located in Comstock Park, MI, Backyard Fun Zone delivers and installs playsets, trampolines, and basketball hoops all over West and Southwest Michigan.

Backyard Fun Zone is ready to help you create your very own special summer memories!

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