Places To Find Rides For Kids Around Kalamazoo 2016-07-18T08:18:06+00:00


Find Rides

We know all kids love to ride rides. Here are some of the favorited places where your kids can go around our area.







Not for the faint of heart, Sandy the pony is at every Meijer in the area. Still only $0.01, and open all year round, she’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and may be one of the only times you will be searching for a penny!


Silver Beach Carousel in St. Joseph

While you are visiting the beach in St. Joe, stop by this beautiful carousel and then splash around in the fountain area. This one is open all week during the summer, but hours will change after Labor Day Weekend.


Crossroads Mall

Crossroads Mall has a beautiful double decker carousel to ride, as well as a small platform with a handful of younger child rides that go up and down or back and forth. They also have a roller coaster simulator where your child can pretend to ride The Gemini at Cedar Point. Right next to the rides is a small play area for children, and when you find your family hungry, stop for a bite to eat since all of this is located in the food court.


Chuck E Cheese

Located on Westnedge, Chuck E Cheese is a kid’s paradise. Games, large climbing tunnels, entertainment and pizza, they change their entertainment around every once in a while to keep things fresh, including adding some rides for younger kids. It’s hard to know for sure if there will be any rides when you go, but is still worth a mention because even if there doesn’t happen to be rides at the time, your child will leave this place happy!


Air Zoo

The air zoo is an air and space museum, but did you know that it has an impressive array of rides inside too? From a carnival style plane ride to a hot air balloon that goes at a speed enough to make you dizzy, there’s something for everyone and most rides are covered with general admission. For those more daring, there is a full-motion flight simulator you can take with a friend and a RealD 3D/4D Theater. The Air Zoo is open all year and a perfect place to go on a rainy day or a snowy one where you’re missing summer.




Binder Park Zoo

Binder Park also has a carousel to ride before boarding your tram to Africa to feed the giraffes. Don’t forget to take a ride on the train, entrance located near the petting zoo, and be sure to say hi to all of the animals!


Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Why is it called a children’s zoo? Because you won’t have to lift your children up and down to see over the railings here. Just under two hours away this zoo has an amazing collection of animals that are up close and personal through a glass divide. It also has a couple of rides including a chairlift called the Sky Safari, a river ride, a train ride and a carousel. Don’t forget to go on a pony ride while you’re there!


Michigan’s Adventure

Located just north of Muskegon, this theme park offers 2-for-1 admission to both the theme and water parks. They offer plenty of young children’s rides from helicopters, elephants and motorcycles to more traditional family rides such as the scrambler and a ferris wheel. They offer swan boats for pedaling on the lake, go-karts for younger drivers, and even a train. Don’t forget the thrill of taking your child on his or her first roller coaster as well! There’s even plenty for kids to do in the water park from the lazy river to a small wave pool and slides that are perfect for younger visitors. Head there quickly, however, because Michigan Adventure is open seasonally!