Every Child is Unique

Let’s be honest, it would be nice if all children came with an instruction manual!

Often our children throw us curve balls within their growth and development and we find ourselves wondering what steps to take. It is comforting to know Kalamazoo has a wellness center focused on meeting the needs of kids and families.

Santosha Wellness is the first and only children’s wellness center in Kalamazoo, offering a variety of wellness programs for children of all ages and abilities. They are passionate about providing evidence-based interventions and supporting child development through natural play and movement.


What is a Children’s Wellness Center?

All parents will agree that the one-size-fits-all model is not something that works for kids.

Allowing access for children and families to both wellness and therapy services, Santosha Wellness can provide multiple services at one location such as Occupational, Speech, and Art Therapy as well as social skills groups, kids yoga, and infant massage.

With centrally located services, this allows for a less hectic day and the gift of more quality family time.


The certified therapists at Santosha Wellness specialize in working with a variety of disorders and diagnosis including complex trauma, feeding disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and anxiety disorders.  

In addition to therapy programs, Santosha Wellness also offers wellness programs which are accessible for both typically developing children and children with special needs. What a great way to include siblings in the growth process!

Examples of these wellness opportunities – Infant Massage and Development Program (partnership with Birth Kalamazoo), Toddler/Kids/Pre-Teen Yoga, and an Adaptive Fitness Program.


Up and Coming Programs

The therapists at Santosha Wellness pride themselves in listening to the needs of the community and developing programs to fit these needs. Some programs in the works include a yoga-based support group for parents of kids with special needs and an infant massage and developmental education program in collaboration with Birth Kalamazoo.

Summer of 2019 also includes programs such as a Handwriting Bootcamp and Kindergarten Readiness.

Let’s Get Started

The owner of Santosha Wellness, Rebecca Hernandez, is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with experience in multiple facets. Rebecca is trained in Kids Yoga, Infant Massage, CrossFit Kids, trauma-based interventions, as well as feeding interventions.

Rebecca saw a need in the community for a center like Santosha Wellness and according to Rebecca, “only with amazing support from others and an outstanding staff, we’ve been able to create just that.  We want families to know that regardless of why they are coming to us, whether they’re just looking for a fun yoga class or whether they need services for their child with special needs, we are here for them; Here with open minds, listening ears, and a place of non-judgment.”

Because all children develop and grow with different abilities and at different rates, it can be helpful to have a professional evaluate their growth. The therapists at Santosha Wellness specialize in working with a variety of disorders and diagnoses.



Wanting to know more and how your child could benefit from the services at Santosha Wellness?

Contact the office at to ask questions and discuss any conerns.  Santosha Wellness now accepts all major commercial and medicaid insurance plans to allow for maximal access of services for all families.  


5340 Holiday Terrace, Suite 9, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

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