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Find Family-First Care at Santosha Wellness

The one thing all parents know?

Kids are unique. And they certainly don’t come with an instruction manual.

Often our children throw us curve balls within their growth and development. We may find ourselves wondering what steps to take. It is comforting to know Kalamazoo has a wellness center dedicated to meeting the needs of kids and families.

Santosha Wellness is the first and only children’s wellness center in Kalamazoo, offering a variety of wellness programs for children of all ages and abilities. The staff is passionate about providing evidence-based interventions and supporting child development through natural play and movement.

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Working with Santosh Wellness means contentment and satisfaction. Caregivers in our community are living that firsthand. Parents who walk into Santosha receive acceptance, understanding, confidence, and the tools they need to support their children.

We are taking the Play and Grow class for babies 0-6 months. Rebecca is awesome. We are learning about so many ways to play with our babies that are beneficial for their development. It’s also been an amazing way to connect with our babies and socialize with and support other moms. We love it!”

~ Stoney, Kalamazoo Parent

Santosha is Growing, Along with Your Kids

Santosha Wellness’ new location is conveniently located in The Atriums, just off of Kilgore Road. The facility has tripled in size with a spacious waiting room, expanded treatment rooms, a full kitchen for feeding therapy, and a large multi-purpose room.

Paired with new instructors, and the expansion of their clinical and office staff, Santosha Wellness specializes in wellness programs such as –

They also offer pediatric occupational and speech therapy in the same location. With counseling services scheduled to be available in 2020, Rebecca Hernández, owner of Santosha, aims to be able to serve the whole child.

Santosha Wellness Pediatric and Infant Classes

It’s been amazing to reflect back on the last two years and see how Santosha Wellness has changed and grown. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to now be in a much larger space and offering so many new programs. Our mission here at Santosha is to serve children; and we believe that in order to serve children, we need to serve the WHOLE child, meaning their caregivers, siblings, and through collaborating with all those on their care team (doctors, counselors, teachers, etc). And in this new space and expanded team, we are able to do just that; more readily serve children on all aspects of the wellness continuum. We are passionate about children’s wellness, and are excited to see how we continue to grow and expand in the community.”

~ Rebecca Hernández, MS, OTR/L, CEIM – Owner, Occupational Therapist

An Experienced Team, Ready to Be on this Parenting Journey With You

Rebecca Hernández is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with additional training as a TBRI® (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) Practioner, SOS Feeding Therapist, Kids Yoga, Infant Massage Educator, CrossFit Kids, and infant development.

Because all children develop and grow with different abilities and at different rates, it can be helpful to have a professional evaluate their growth. Santosha’s team is comprised of diverse, talented, and experienced specialists who work with a variety of disorders and diagnoses. This includes training in SOS Feeding Therapy, TBRI, Handwriting Without Tears, and in-depth experience working with children with Autism, children with a history of trauma, and children with behavioral concerns.

Santosha Wellness Staff - Kalamazoo

They serve an extensive array of diagnoses including: complex trauma, feeding disorders, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Apraxia, Social Communication disorders, stuttering, and developmental delays.

Overall it isn’t just the time they invest into my child’s development. It is the time they put into teaching me as a mother how to learn and do more for my child’s growth. They provide me with confidence when the times in special needs is hard. They offer hot tea and a hug at the very best moment…

~ Jacque, Kalamazoo Parent

How Can I Partner with Santosha Wellness?

Are you ready to find out how your child could benefit from the services at Santosha Wellness?

Contact their office or call 269-254-8130 to ask questions, discuss concerns, and learn about how their programs can benefit your family.

Santosha Wellness now accepts most major commercial and Medicaid insurance plans to allow for maximal access of services for all families.  


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