20+ Snow Day Ideas and Activities You’ll Want to Keep Handy this Winter

Kids playing in the snow - snow day activities Kalamazoo

The Kids have Already Built the Best Snowman…and Now What?

Living in Southwest Michigan, you’re familiar with the early morning wakeup. The 5:00 AM robocall signaling school is closed due to treacherous weather.

Snow days are fun when the snow is light and fluffy, and there’s enough of it for kids to bury themselves in their marshmallow suits and build an epic snowman.

But sometimes it’s Elsa’s icy paradise outside, and kids can only take a few minutes outside. Or, it’s the third snow day in a row and the snow has lost its appeal.

It seems like a daunting task to find enough indoor activities with the kids. No worries, we’ve done the work for you.

Make the Most out of the Snowy Weather in Kalamazoo

When schools close and the snow keeps falling, consider these 20+ indoor ideas to beat boredom and build memories along the way.

Kids of All Ages will Get a Kick out of these Indoor Games and Activities

Mission Impossible Laser Maze

All you need is some string or leftover party streamers to invite little and big kids to be a spy. Place a basket of treasures at the end, get the kids in all black, and come up with those spy names and backstories. Then find a hallway and tape, set up their maze, and let their creative fun loose. For an additional challenge, add a bell so they know if they got caught.

Indoor Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

All that’s needed for this simple game are glow sticks and empty plastic bottles. Fill the bottles with water, drop a glow stick inside, and screw the cap on tight. Grab a small basketball (or another ball with enough heft to knock over the bottles), turn off the lights, and go for that strike.

Play Balloon Tennis

Grab one of those leftover birthday balloons and some birthday plates and play indoor tennis. For younger kids do something simple like keep the balloon off of the ground and for older kids feel free to make up your own rules and point system.

Go on an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Customize an indoor scavenger hunt for your kids. Devise riddles and have a prize at the end, or take some pictures of things around the house and have the kids race to find them. Reading practice, critical thinking, and exercise – a definite win-win.

Dance Your Pants Off 

Exercise videos for kids are a great way to burn off excess energy and teach mindfulness. The Learning Station on YouTube offers a variety of goofy kid-friendly songs to dance and sing to, including holiday hits. My kids love their Brain Break Action Songs, and they always end up laughing. These are perfectly geared for toddlers to early elementary kids, and even parents can get in on the action.

Level Up Your Activity

GoNoodle takes a second to join but allows kids to choose activities like yoga, running, dancing, and mindfulness in order to level up their monster. It’s a surefire way to keep those little bodies engaged and moving.

Try a Victorian Parlour Game

Games like Charades and Simon Says originated years ago, and they’re a perfect way to spend a snow day. Try the game ‘You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile’ where the person who’s ‘it’ is the only one who is allowed to smile.

Relax the Day Away

Take a Homemade Spa Day

Find a cozy spot near the fireplace, grab nail polish, a tub, Epsom salts, and lotion. Make hot chocolate, and take turns pampering each other. Try making your own lotion or face mask. Don’t forget the cucumber slices.

Make Snow Ice Cream

Head outside to scoop up fresh snow and bring it inside to turn it into a tasty treat. Sugar, vanilla, and either half-and-half or whole milk combine with snow to make delicious ice cream. Have fun adding toppings, make a sundae, and sit back with your creation.

Snow Day Kalamazoo - Indoor Activities with Kids

Learn Finger Knitting

Have some spare yarn around? Try getting those fingers moving by teaching kids finger knitting. It’s the perfect thing to do on the couch by a fire, listening to music, or watching their favorite movie for the fifteenth time.

Do Downward Dog

Your kids will love joining Jaime at Cosmic Kids Yoga for mindfulness activities and yoga stories. Trolls, Moana, Star Wars, Minecraft are examples of all of the adventures kids can have while learning yoga poses in a fun way.


You Can’t Be Bored with a Board Game

It wouldn’t be a snow day without dragging a game from the board game closet. Before you get stuck playing Monopoly or Candyland, check out our list of Ten Family Game Night Games You’ve Never Played But Need To.

Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Make a Scent-tastic Homemade Playdough

Make your own playdough in whatever color and scent for an overall great sensory experience. Cinnamon and red food coloring, purple food dye and lavender oil, cocoa powder, the possibilities are endless. Tiny beads, stones, sticks, or regular playdough equipment works just as well with the homemade dough.

Set Up An Art Buffet

Let the artistic imagination run wild! Find a tablecloth, cover that dining room table and raid the art supplies. Pencils, pens, markers, crayons, stamps, stickers, old magazines, washi tape, dot markers, paint, glue, scissors, string, beads are all great ideas. Step back and see what unique creations result.

Put on a Puppet Show With Homemade Sock Puppets

Use those lonely single socks that will never have their match again for these adorable sock puppets. There are a bevy of ideas such as a snake, bee, and a love bug.

Build a Fortress

Upgrade that couch tent to a fortress. Boxes, sheets, blankets, glow sticks, and rope all make great building equipment.

Make a Movie

If the kids want to overindulge in screen time on snow days, why not get creative and make your own film? This might be the perfect project for a tween or teen. Try the free iMovie app to get started.

Draw and Paint Your Heart Out

For step-by-step drawing fun, head to Art Hub for Kids YouTube Channel whose videos are done by a dad and his kids. If you have paint and other art supplies, and want to make a beautiful piece of art for the wall, head over to Deep Space Sparkle’s YouTube channel.

Girl painting - snow day things to do Kalamazoo

Design a Paper Airplane

Paper airplanes have gotten a serious upgrade. You can find the paper airplane of your dreams by searching for difficulty level, average distance, time aloft, and other design considerations. Everyone can make their favorite and then race them or try to send them through hula hoops.

Do the Pretzel Twist

There’s no better way to get kids eating their food than to have them involved in the process. Try this easy-from-scratch pretzel recipe with your kids and let them have fun kneading the dough and twisting their own creations.

Bust out a Subscription Box

If the grandparents or a family friend bought your kids a subscription box, now’s the time to open it and have some fun. STEAM, art supplies, books, treats, there are so many subscription boxes to try. If you don’t have one, take a look at KiwiCo for a trusted brand to get you started.

Have any other tried and true ways to keep kids having fun without climbing the walls? Let us know in the comments below.

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