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If you have a current sponsor contract with KZOOkids.com and have been asked to submit information for a Facebook post, please fill out the form below.

Social media is another way to reach our audience with a specific message about your organization or business. We want to help you maximize your reach through your FB posts on our KZOOkids FB page.


The changes at Facebook are constant. Effective March 31, 2017, Facebook rolled out a new requirement regarding what they consider “branded content”. Click here for a full description of what this means. Basically, when we post your sponsored content, we need to use a new “sharing” tool and also tag your business’ Facebook page. At this time, we are not sure how this will affect the reach of your shared Facebook posts.


Better posts get seen by more people on Facebook. What is a “better” Facebook post?

Better posts are:

  • Engaging
  • Relevant
  • Consise
  • Include some type of special offer to our readers i.e. discount on enrollment fee, free event at business, special activities, etc.


  • A catchy headline grabs the attention of our readers.
  • A picture showing your event or sharing a piece of information about your business.
  • Short description of business tells why this business is worth the reader’s time.
  • Something fun to share about what’s happening at your business or organization.
  • Sharing an upcoming open house at your organization or another event taking place at your business.


Facebook has a rule that images with 20% text or more cannot be posted on Facebook. While Facebook doesn’t enforce this for the average person, a business trying to boost a post containing an image with 20%+ text will be denied or the reach will be greatly reduced.

For this reason, we ask that you submit images with minimal amount of text. Images with people in them work out well. High-quality photos and photos that are well lit work best. Do not submit images that are poor quality or are unrelated to your post topic. Images that do not meet these criteria will not be posted.
If an image does not meet Facebook’s standards, the KZOOkids team may opt to replace your image with one from your website, Facebook page or choose to run the post with no image at their discretion.

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