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Summer Camp Guide- 2015

Thank you for your interest in advertising in our Summer Camp Guide- 2015!

This Summer Camps Page advertising package will run from April 1, 2015 through the end of 2015.

An example of the Kalamazoo Area Summer Camps Guide is here. is a trusted source of information for parents.  This Summer Camps Guide will be hosted on our website and get mentions on It will also be featured occasionally on the homepage. All advertisers must meet the high standards of Only businesses with good customer relations and professional reputations will be invited to participate in our Summer Camps guide.  Our readers view inclusion on our guide as an endorsement, so we are selective about participation.

Package Options for 2015 Summer Camps Guide

Standard Package (Unlimited Spots Available) – $75 (after April 1 reservation)
  • Ad placement in the Summer Camps Guide: Second or third table, placement is by order that the reservation is received. These will fall after the premium package listings.
Premium Package (Filled as of 3/3/15) – $120 (all spots are filled)
  • Ad placement in the Summer Camps Guide: First table, second or third tab placement, placement is by order that the reservation is received.
  • 1 Facebook post each month for April, May, June 2015
  • Optional one month side bar ad (245 x 125) during April-June for an additional $100.
Title Sponsor  (One Available) – (Filled) $350
  • Title sponsor logo on the page header
  • Prime Ad placement in the Summer Camps Guide: First table, first tab placement.
  • 245×125 side bar ad on desktop April, May, June 2015
  • 2 Facebook posts each month for April, May, June 2015
  • One month 680 X 320 Banner ad-April
Make Your Reservation

Most packages have limited availability. All reservations must be received by March 20th. To make your reservation please complete the form below. All ads will be billed on or before April 6th via invoice.

REMEMBER: There is only 1 Title Sponsor and 10 Premium Listings available. Last year our premium listings sold out quickly. In the event that you register for a listing level that has sold out you will automatically be placed in the next listing level that is available. Listings in the guide are placed in the order in which reservations are received and the form below completed.