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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4 – 8 this year. This full week in May has been designated as a time to honor teachers for their passion, hard work and dedication to educating children. Some key tips to ensure the week is a success:

Remember to include the extended teaching staff – the Art, Music, Assistants, etc. who aren’t dedicated to a particular class.

Make sure students are a part of the planning for Teacher Appreciation Week events. Students will be more likely to participate and encourages others to join in, if they were included from the start.

Determine the budget (if any) and look at other no cost options. For example, ask for parent donations. Reach out within the community at grocery stores, restaurants, and movie theaters to donate gift cards as prizes for teachers.

Work with the Principal to ensure all school guidelines are followed!



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Here are 15 ways to THANK teachers for being amazing:


  1. Car Wash – see if a local car wash will donate or give a reduced price for the teaching staff to get their cars washed.
  2. Soup bar – Volunteers set up a buffet in the staff break room and parent volunteers provide crock-pot soups, bottled water, rolls and several desserts. Teachers can drop in during their lunch break and help themselves.
  3. Love jar – Students write notes to their teachers telling them what they loved most about them. The notes can be placed in decorated mason jars.
  4. Have students draw a picture and write about their teacher. Provide the sentence starters for the children “this year you’ve taught me….” or “You’re extra special because…”
  5. Hire several massage therapists to provide 10-minute neck & shoulder massages during teacher breaks.
  6. Hold a prize giveaway with one winner announced each day. The teacher chooses their prize from a selection of gift cards.
  7. Place a basket of healthy snacks, gourmet coffee and tea in the teacher’s lounge throughout the week.
  8. Construct a giant teacher thank you card and have students sign through the week. Display at the main entrance.
  9. Make a coffee run. Have teachers place their orders on their favorite coffee/tea or smoothie and deliver to them mid-morning.
  10. Pinterest has TONS of cute crafty ideas – check out options for small gifts that can be placed in each teacher’s mailbox.
  11. Donate a new book(s) to your teacher’s classroom collection.
  12. Give each teacher some gum/mints.
  13. Work with the school PTO or administration to donate supplies for the teachers classroom – Kleenex, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and whatever else is needed by the teacher.
  14. Decorate the teacher lounge (or even the teacher’s desk) with flowers or a bowl of mints.
  15. A simple thank you – whether in person, via email and/or a small card coming from your child – will certainly brighten the teacher’s day!

Although Teacher appreciation is typically celebrated during the first week of May, there are other opportunities for teacher shout-outs including the beginning of the year, the end of the year, and the holiday season. Staff development days and parent-teacher conference days are also great occasions to provide snacks and meals. No matter what time of the year, teacher’s appreciation is always a welcome treat!


What ideas do you have to share for Teacher Appreciation?



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