Teacher Appreciation Week – May 6-10

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Kreg (at PCCN Preschool). She’s so nice. She’s plays with us and reads us books. She plays with everyone in our class. She always smiles.” -Bailey, age 5

“My AP English teacher, Mrs. Pavich is single handedly responsible for my writing abilities. 
I sent her a thank you note after college and again after graduate school. I am so grateful that she wrote all over my first few papers. As my senior year went on, I took pride in watching the sea of red on my papers reduced to a couple of minor edits.” – Elizabeth, KZOOKids Writer

Teachers make a tremendous impact in the life of a child, and work tirelessly with our kids five days a week, and for much of the calendar year. Although no teacher ever asks for a gift in return, we like to take the time during this week to give a special thank you for the dedication, guidance, generosity, and hard work that our teachers put forth every day.

The first full week in May has been designated as a time to honor teachers, educators and support staff for their passion, hard work and dedication to educating children.

Read on for a list with the most innovative ways to warm a teacher’s heart.

10 Small Ways to Say Thank You to Real-life Superheroes

Teacher Appreciation week is coming up fast. Go beyond the coffee mug and show your gratitude with appreciative gestures. We’ve listed 10 small ways to give extra appreciation and support to those who are shaping our planet’s future during this special week.

Teacher Thank You


1. Gift cards
Gift cards seem impersonal, but it’s fun for teachers to pick out exactly what they want or need. There are also so many options: coffee shops, restaurants, movie theatres, bookstores, online sites, and even generic ones that can be used in a variety of ways.

2. Donate a book to the classroom library
Teachers grow their own classroom library out of their own pockets. Purchase a book that the teacher has been wanting, or a favorite to add to their collection is a thoughtful gesture that can be appreciated by the teacher, and the entire class.

3. Volunteer time 
Most of the time, teachers really could use an extra hand. Whether it’s in the classroom during the day or helping to cut out laminated supplies, asking if they need a hand is always appreciated.

4. Classroom supplies
Those classroom supplies typically are running low as the school year winds to a close, and since most teacher’s fill their classrooms from their own budgets, consider purchasing supplies to refill those dwindling supply cabinets.

5. Stationary
Whether it is a note to a student, a note to themselves, or a note to the office, teachers need notepads to keep themselves organized. They also love special pens, pencils, and markers in order to color code, and just to have something special other than their trusty Ticonderoga pencil.

6. Grading stamps or stickers
Thank your teacher with some fun rubber stamps to make grading papers an easier experience, or stickers to help them add those extra special touches to a child’s work or their own planners.

7. A way to relax
A small gift of bubble bath, bath bombs, or a special lotion that a teacher normally wouldn’t buy themselves is a perfect way to encourage a bit of much-needed relaxation. Or gift a book light for teachers who love reading, a fuzzy blanket to cuddle up under, or a gift card for a massage.

8. Basket of goodies
Place a basket of healthy snacks, homemade cookies, or some gourmet coffee or tea in the teacher’s lounge throughout the week. We love this inclusive idea since ALL of the staff are able to enjoy the gesture.

9. Totes galore
Teachers have heavy loads, and fun, personalized bags for them to carry their items to and from school and to their many other activities, even the grocery store, make a fun gift.

10. A heartfelt thank you note
One of the least expensive ways to express gratitude, and one that cannot be overstated enough, is a handwritten note or picture from your child. Hearing that they have made a difference in the life of one of their students is why teachers chose this job in the first place.

teacher appreciation

Maya, age 9, letter to her teacher

  • Remember to include the extended teaching staff – the Art, Music, support staff, etc. who aren’t dedicated to a particular class.
  • Make sure the kiddos are a part of the planning for Teacher Appreciation Week events. Nothing tops a homemade card! 
  • Determine the budget (if any) and look at other no-cost options. For example, ask for parent donations. Reach out within the community at grocery stores, restaurants, and movie theaters to donate gift cards as prizes for teachers.
  • Work with the Principal to ensure all school guidelines are followed.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the fabulous teachers in our children’s lives!

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