[note] We asked the Girls Scouts Heart of Michigan if they could put together a guest post for us since we’ve gotten a number of questions from our KZOOkids.com readers. We thank them for providing some more information and answering our questions. [/note]

by Jane Parikh
Communications Specialist, Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan

Girl Scouts participate in a badge workshop in Paw Paw

Busy Times? Are you juggling children, work and a happy home life while trying to teach your children all of life’s important lessons?

Girl Scouts engages every life skill discipline. Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan offers a well-rounded program of unplugged, hands-on adventures that stimulate, educate and delight girls.


Why You Should Choose Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan?

Cherishing Her. Girl Scouts is fully inclusive with no tryouts, no cuts and no exclusions. We provide a safe, welcoming environment for her to find her own way in her own time, empowered by accomplishments that fit her.

Connecting Her. Girl Scouts go places, get involved, meet people, serve others, respect elders, honor the military, embrace diversity and put themselves out there. She won’t just go through the motions—she will discover, connect and take action to make the world a better place.

Distinguishing Her. Girl Scouts develops courage, confidence and character with experiences that will distinguish her among her peers. We can help her build a lifelong resume now, filled with experiences that are highly valued by colleges, scholarships and employers.

Engaging Her. You know that look your daughter has when she’s thoroughly captivated by what she’s doing? Girl Scouts do impactful activities with purpose, determination and intention.

Inspiring Her. By graduation, a dozen activities or field trips each year adds up to more than 100 diverse experiences to help guide her higher education and career choices. With years of exposure to positive female role models, she’ll discover endless possibilities for her future.

Preparing Her. Your daughter needs a full range of life skills. This doesn’t just happen on its own, but with an intentional focus. Girl Scouts provides opportunities for her to gain life skills.

We can’t wait to give your girl the tools she will need to reach her fullest potential and be a leader. Please visit our website at www.gshom.org or call us at (800) 497-2688 to register your girl for a journey unlike any other. Also, join us at our Girl Scout Family Fun Fest on August 22 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Pfizer Park in Portage.  


[quote] Our readers had a number of questions about the Girls Scouts, so here’s a little Q & A to answer some questions that you may have, too. ~Jill Piwko, KZOOkids.com [/quote]

What Parents Want To Know

1. What are the levels and ages for each group i.e. Daisy, Brownie, etc.

Levels are: Girl Scout Daisy (grades K-1); Girl Scout Brownie (grades 2-3); Girl Scout Junior (grades 4-5); Girl Scout Cadette (grades 6-8); Girl Scout Senior (grades 9-10); and Girl Scout Ambassador (grades 11-12).

2. What is the cost of joining?

Annual membership rates: Girls K-12, $25 and adults, $15.

3. What are the number of troops in our area?

Number of Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan troops in Kalamazoo area: 341

4. What types of activities that the Girls Scouts do?

Types of activities include: Community Service projects; camping; college campus visits; cookie sales; participation in sporting events.

5. Are parents expected to volunteer?

Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer.

6. Do events run through the summer or just during the school year?

Many troops meet all year around as a way to keep in touch and we have events and activities that run all year round. Many of these events and activities can be found in “The Source” which is available online at www.gshom.org.

7. Is there an orientation scheduled? or information session that parents
can get more info?

Parents who are interested in volunteering should contact Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan at (800) 497-2688 to get information or visit the website.

Contributor Information


Jane Parikh is a Communications Specialist with the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan.

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