Tooth Fairy Day with Kalamazoo Smiles

A Child’s Smile Lights up the Room

My children’s smiles are two of my very favorite things in the world to see. It lights up the room and my heart faster than I ever could have imagined before having children. Finding quality dental care for the family to keep those smiles healthy is extremely important.

Kalamazoo Smiles provides individualized care, focusing on prevention and teaching parents and patients how to take care of their teeth together. And, a little help from the Tooth Fairy ensures a bit of fun in the process!

A Dental Practice that Exceeds Expectations

Kalamazoo Smiles provides state-of-the-art dental care and proudly serves Kalamazoo and the surrounding communities with dental treatments for all members of your family, from toddlers to adults. Kalamazoo Smiles offers a variety of services from TMJ to Night Guards to Oral Cancer Screening. They specialize in dental implants, cosmetic dental procedures, periodontics, endodontics, and, of course, pediatric dentistry.

At Kalamazoo Smiles, the goal is to deliver the best possible dental care while showing there is nothing to be afraid of when you visit the dentist.

Dr. Katherine Schrier, DMD (aka Dr. Katie) and her friendly staff want children to experience the benefits of a healthy mouth and a confident smile for the rest of their lives.

“Teaching children early the importance of oral health will really start them off on the right foot. Here at Kalamazoo Smiles we aim to make healthcare fun for your little ones!” Dr. Katie says.


Kalamazoo Smiles

The Tooth Fairy is Coming to Kalamazoo Smiles

Kalamazoo Smiles prides itself on their Pediatric Dentistry services and boy do they deliver. Make plans to attend the inaugural Tooth Fairy Day on March 1, 2019, from 9:30 AM to noon.

A fantastic opportunity for any child’s first visit to the dentist, the Tooth Fairy Day includes a free dental exam for children ages 12 and under. (Note: Free dental exam is ONLY available during this special Tooth Fair Day event.)

Whether your child is fearful of the dentist or bounds into the office with joy, the Tooth Fairy Day is guaranteed to be a positive opportunity for families. Parents and caregivers – have all of your questions about your child’s dental care answered. Children will love being able to ride in a dental chair, push the air button, and even squirt water.

And, let’s not forget the Tooth Fairy will be in attendance!

Kalamazoo Smiles

The Tooth Fairy Day event is drop-in (appointments are not required). However, it is recommended to contact the office ahead of time and reserve your spot for your child’s dental exam for this special event.

Can’t make the Tooth Fair Day? No problem, contact Kalamazoo Smiles at 269-353-3700 to schedule you and/or your child’s consultation appointment.

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