Academic Guide for Kids Around Kalamazoo + Tutoring, Language, and STEM

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Options for Kids to take their Academic Experience to the Next Level

It can be easy to find a sports team around town, but if you have a child interested in robotics, learning Spanish, or who needs tutoring in biology, it’s often a bit trickier. You want to encourage your child’s passions, but where can you find resources that encourage learning, creativity and experimentation?

Below you’ll find a list of places in Kalamazoo that offer classes, clubs, and tutoring opportunities for all ages. They’re organized by type, so it’s easy to find what you need.

No matter what your child is interested in learning, there are opportunities for kids to pursue their dreams, or get that extra help, if they need it.

Lessons - Tutoring and STEM Kalamazoo

Building a Strong Foundation Today

A strong educational foundation is one of the most important gifts we can ever give to our children.

How do I go about finding a resource when my child needs extra help?

One of the first places parents can start when considering a tutor is asking at your child’s school. Also, online searches and local college websites may be avenues to find tutoring assistance. You’ll need to invest the time to find the right match – contact, interview, and thoroughly review the background of the tutor to ensure the right fit. Sometimes the best tutor may be a qualified neighbor or family friend.

Questions you might want to ask a prospective tutor:

  • What kind of teaching experience do you have, and what are your credentials?
  • How do you evaluate each student’s needs?
  • Where does the tutoring take place (library, in-home) and how often?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How do you measure results? What if my child doesn’t improve?

Local tutors in the area are listed below:

Bob’s Math Tutoring | Math, grades K-12

Kalamazoo Area Tutoring Association | Multiple subjects, homeschoolers

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Portage | Math and reading after-school enrichment program

Math from the Mitten | Math, grades K-12

Nazareth Reading Center | Writing, reading, math, college prep

Sylvan Learning Center in Portage | Multiple subjects grades K-12, college prep, summer camps

Thompson Tutoring | Multiple subjects, grades K-12

Rachel Timmermann M. Ed. | Multiple Subjects, K-8

Language Programs for Kids

In a global economy, the world seems to be getting smaller. Now more than ever, it’s important for our children to learn another language and culture.

There are numerous ways to learn a new language, including online sites such as Duolingo, and programs such as Rosetta Stone, or Pimsleur. The library is rich with resources – books, CDs, and videos for additional learning opportunities. Schools such as El Sol, a Kalamazoo Public School, offer immersion by offering instruction in two languages, Spanish and English.

Kids actually learn new languages much faster than adults. In fact, the younger, the better. Check out the following local spots that offer language lessons.

Kalamazoo Chinese Academy | Chinese

Kalamazoo Community Education | Foreign Language Classes online

Thompson Tutoring | Spanish

Using STEM to Build Great Thinkers

STEM is rapidly gaining ground in today’s schools, and after-school programs. Educators are working to prepare children with concepts on understanding and using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

For tweens and teens who want to be on a traveling robotics league or preschoolers who want to learn about the layers of the ocean, Kalamazoo is full of opportunities for building those science and math skills.

Air Zoo | Sky Kids Club – STEM classes for ages 6-12

FIRST Robotics | Robotics leagues for grades 9-12

Kalamazoo Public Library | Little Scientists Class for Preschoolers

Kalamazoo Robotics | Robotics leagues for grades K-12

Kazoo School | Offers after-school and homeschool classes on various topics like chess, cooking, LEGO Club

Portage District Library | STEM classes, Lego club, various ages and times

Sylvan Learning Center in Portage | Robotics, science, coding, and engineering classes

Full Directory of All Lessons + Learning Opportunities

Kalamazoo’s full directory of lessons and learning opportunities at your fingertips. Classes for kids of all ages – including general classes and special interest classes.

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