2022 Kalamazoo Doctor Awards: Top Voted OB/GYNs, Pediatricians, Dentists + More

Best Doctor Kalamazoo Doctor

The Trusted List of Best Kalamazoo Doctors and Health Care Providers- 2022

It’s a dilemma most of us have faced at one time or another.

We need to find a health care professional and don’t know where to start. Shortly after moving to Kalamazoo, my doctor retired and outside of asking a few mom friends, I had no idea where to begin my search for a primary care provider. And, just because a recommended doctor was best for a friend, it didn’t mean they were necessarily going to be a fit with our family and lifestyle.

A good relationship with your health care providers is essential when it comes to the health and well-being of your family.

With kids, the search for the best doctors has expanded: a pediatrician, an allergist, an orthodontist. The list goes on, but luckily, after a bit of trial and error, we’ve found doctors we want to keep forever.

If you are looking for a Kalamazoo doctor or provider, where do you start?

You start here. We’ve polled parents across Southwest Michigan to find the Kalamazoo area’s most beloved pediatricians, dentists, OB/GYN, and more. Read on to find your new favorite healthcare provider.

Technical Information on Voting Process

Earlier this year we asked our readers to nominate, then vote on the best family care providers in Southwest Michigan in several categories. Below you’ll find the TOP provider for each field, followed by the top nominees, all who received a significant number of reader votes.

It is also important to know that we only invite the top 5 providers to advertise in this guide. We did this so you can trust that every listing in this guide showcases one of the best local family care providers, based on KZOOKIDS’ reader votes.

(Please note that this content is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Users are advised to check the certification of any care providers listed below and consult their own medical doctors before proceeding with a care plan.)


Allergists for Kids in Kalamazoo

Having a child who deals with allergies or asthma can be a serious matter. It may take months to determine the cause of symptoms. If your family is looking for an allergy / immunology specialist, look no further. Here are the top Kalamazoo area allergists, according to our readers:


Best Allergist for Kids

2022 Best Doctor

Winner: Dr. Michael Park at Park Allergy Center

TOP 5 Allergists

1 – Park, Dr. Michael (Park Allergy Center)
2 – Lewis, Dr. Elena (Asthma Allergy Center)
3 – (TIE) Reddy, Dr. Byra M. (Asthma Allergy Center)
3 – (TIE) Dandamudi, Dr. Giri R. (Asthma Allergy Center)
5 – Edara, Dr. Lokesh R. (Asthma Allergy Center)


Kalamazoo Area Chiropractors for Children

Chiropractic care can help more than a sore back. For many parents, they seek a chiropractor’s assistance with digestive concerns, ear infections or headaches for their kids. Many find this care as a nice complement to their pediatrician’s help in treating childhood medical conditions. If a chiropractor is on your list to research, try this list of the top favorites in the area:


Best Chiropractor for Kids

2022 Best Doctor

 Winner: Dr. Andy Boesky at Andy Boesky Chiropractic

Top 5 Chiropractors

1 – Boesky, Dr. Andy (Andy Boesky Chiropractic)
2 – Antoniotti, Dr. Kate (Antoniotti Chiropractic, LLC)
3 – (TIE) Carls, Dr. T.J. (Carls Chiropractic Health Center)
3 – (TIE) Wiederhold, Dr. Jeff (Chiro Effect Chiropractic, LLC)
5 – (TIE) Hoard, Dr. Christina (Hoard Chiropractic Clinic)
5 – (TIE) Soldano, Dr. Garrett (Soldano Family Chiropractic Center)
5 – (TIE) Stroupe, Dr. Valerie (Rambling Road Family Wellness & Chiropractic)
5 – (TIE) Stull, Dr. Craig (Optimum Health Chiropractic)

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Best Chiropractors in Southwest Michigan

Chiropractic for Babies & Kids

Dr. Andy is certified by the ICPA in Pediatric & Pregnancy Chiropractic

Trusted by Kalamazoo Moms & Dads Since 1988

Most people think of Chiropractic for back & neck pain. Chiropractic for babies & kids focuses on health issues such as:
• Colic
• Reflux
• Gassiness
• Constipation
• Problems Nursing
• Immunity/Ear issues
• Enuresis
• Sensitivity
• Asthma/Allergies
• Walking & Gait
• Torticollis/Flat spots

My personal promise to all parents: Pediatric Chiropractic is Always Safe & Gentle

All three of my kids have benefited from Dr. Andy’s care. From my daughter’s incontinence to our general health, he is a huge part of our wellness journey!

-Katie B


Dentists for Families in Kalamazoo

Your child will have many milestones throughout life. Taking your baby to his or her first dental visit is one such milestone and sets up your child for healthy dental habits. Finding the right dentist for you children can lessen the anxiety they may experience when going to their checkup, especially when you know the dentist is well-loved and trusted by local families. Check out our readers’ favorite dentists for kids below.


Best Pediatric Dentist

2022 Best Doctor

Winner: Dr. Chuandi Wang at Dr. Chuandi Wang Pediatric Dentistry, PC

Top 5 Dentists for Kids

1 – Wang, Dr. Chuandi (Dr. Chuandi Wang Pediatric Dentistry, PC)
2 – Wrathall, Dr. Jody (Portage Pediatric Dentistry)
3 – (TIE) Basler, Dr. Ryan (Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry)
3 – (TIE) Bandos, Dr. Katherine (Kalamazoo Smiles Family Dentistry)
5 – van Hofwegen, Dr. Nathan (Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry)

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Voted Best Pediatric Dentist in SW Michigan

Our goal is to provide your child with the highest quality of dental care and the most positive dental experience possible. Dr. Wang is a female pediatric dentist in the Kalamazoo area who is board certified and a licensed specialist in dentistry for children.

We are so excited to get to take care of your children's dental health.

Our girls have always been a nervous wreck about the dentist, but not here! Dr. Wang and her staff make even the most anxious kids feel safe & comfortable.

Voted Best Pediatric Dentist in SW Michigan

The mission of Portage Pediatric Dentistry is to help our patients have a positive dental experience and outlook on their oral health. We welcome parents to be involved in all aspects of their child’s dental appointment. It is a privilege for us to be a part of a child’s life, no matter how big or small. We celebrate a child’s triumphs and are easy-going if they have a tough time.

Dr. Jody and the entire team at Portage Pediatric Dentistry are proud and honored to be a part of this community and be your child’s oral health care providers.

Learn More >>

Dr. Jody is a kind, compassionate, knowledgeable dentist. She understands children and their parents; she is dedicated to meeting the needs of the family as a whole, and that is truly priceless.

Voted Best Pediatric Dentist in SW Michigan

Looking for a dentist in Kalamazoo, Michigan? We’re accepting new patients! Since we offer family and cosmetic dentistry, you can trust us to treat the whole family. Our Kalamazoo, MI dentist accepts patients of all ages, from babies to mature adults.

Dr. Katherine Bandos offers a range of dental services, including oral surgery, endodontics, and porcelain veneers. Dr. Bandos takes the time to develop a treatment plan that is right for your family.


ENTs for Kids

ENTs, or Ears Nose and Throat doctors, treat a wide variety of head and neck conditions. For many families, ENTs are the experts they consult when it comes to recurring ear infections or concerns with adenoids or tonsils specifically. Our readers picked these top five as the best in the area:

Best ENT for Kids

2022 Best Doctor

 Winner: Dr. Cecilia M. Prophit at Bronson Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Specialists (ENT) – Kalamazoo

Top 5 ENTs

1 – Prophit, Dr. Cecilia M. (Bronson Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Specialists (ENT) – Kalamazoo)
2 – Ashby, Dr. Casey Turner (Adult & Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat)
3 – (TIE) Berry, Dr. Amber (Adult & Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat) 
3 – (TIE) Shapiro, Dr. Ely (Adult & Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat)
5 – Raedy, Dr. Douglas (West Michigan Ear, Nose and Throat)

Eye Doctors

Eye Doctors for Kids in Kalamazoo

We knew it was time to find an eye doctor when my daughter complained of not being able to read the teacher’s directions at school. Sure enough, she needed glasses.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends children have a thorough eye exam at age 3 and again just before entering kindergarten or first grade. If you are looking for an eye doctor for your family, check out this list of the top-voted eye doctors in greater Kalamazoo.


Best Eye Doctor for Kids

2022 Best Doctor

 Winner: Dr. Marie L. Fox at Kalamazoo Valley Eyecare

Top 5 Eye Doctors for Kids

1 – Fox, Dr. Marie L. (Kalamazoo Valley Eyecare)
2 – Seim, Dr. Teresa M. (Mattawan Family Eye Care)
3 – Sutter, Dr. Katie (Kalamazoo Optometry)
4 – Flynn, Dr. Kevin (Richland Eye Care)
5 – Schwengel, Dr. Emily (Heimstra Optical)

Mental Health Providers

Mental Health Providers for Children

Psychologists, counselors and other mental health professionals help children address anxiety, depression, grief and other mental or emotional concerns through therapy. Local families picked these providers as some of the best for their kids:

Best Mental Health Provider for Kids

2022 Best Doctor

 Winner: Jeff LePonsie at Kalamazoo Child & Family Counseling

Top 5 Mental Health Providers

1 – LaPonsie, Jeff (Kalamazoo Child & Family Counseling)
2 – (TIE) Beer, Dr. Lawrence (Larry) (Child & Family Psychological Services)
2 – (TIE) Freed, Megan (Maternal Hope Counseling Center, PLLC)
2 – (TIE) Lewandowski, Dr. Alan (Neuropsychology Associates)
5 – (TIE) Criswell, Patti (Child & Family Psychological Services)
5 – (TIE) Lem, Dr. Kimberly (Kalamazoo Psychology, PLLC)
5 – (TIE) Collins, Christina (Christina Collins, LPC)


Midwife Options for Kalamazoo Moms

Moms have options for pregnancy providers: some prefer OB/GYNs while others prefer midwives instead. All midwives in our voting are CNMs or Certified Nurse-Midwives. For any moms considering a midwife for her care, we have the top five from our readers in Kalamazoo:

Best Midwife

2022 Best Doctor

Winners: Janie Allgor, CNM at Three Rivers Health Women’s Services

Kristin A. Donewald, CNM, MSN at Bronson OB/GYN Associates – Portage / Paw Paw

Top 5 Midwives

1 – (TIE) Allgor, Janie (Three Rivers Health Women’s Services)
1 – (TIE) Donewald, Kristin A. (Bronson OB/GYN Associates – Portage / Paw Paw)
3 – Anson, Ruth A. (Bronson Women’s Service – Kalamazoo)
4 – (TIE) Hardy, Nora R. (Bronson BirthPlace- Kalamazoo)
4 – (TIE) Zull, Patricia R. (Bronson BirthPlace – Battle Creek)


OB/GYN Options for Kalamazoo Moms

When you’re pregnant or thinking of starting a family, your OB/GYN plays a huge role in this often exciting time in your life. Snagging the OB/GYN of your dreams, one who you are comfortable with and trust, isn’t always easy.  If you’re looking for a new OB/GYN, start with our list of top-voted OBs in Southwest Michigan. We hope this list of recommended doctors helps you narrow down your options and make the right choice for you.



2022 Best Doctor

Winner: Dr. Tempest Allen at Bronson OB/GYN Associates – Portage / Paw Paw

Top 5 OB/GYNs

1 – Allen, Dr. Tempest (Bronson OB/GYN Associates – Portage / Paw Paw)
2 – Winter, Dr. Robert (Bronson Women’s Service- Kalamazoo)
3 – Davis, Dr. Carly H. (Bronson Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists – Kalamazoo)
4 – Trillet, Dr. Steven M. (Bronson OB/GYN Associates – Portage / Paw Paw)
5 – Peterson, Dr. Scott M. (Bronson OB/GYN Associates- Portage/Paw Paw) 

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy for Kids

Occupational therapy focuses on helping kids with their gross and fine motor skills. When a child shows delays in these activities, OT is often recommended. OT is also frequently used when sensory processing disorders, developmental delays, Downs syndrome or Autism spectrum disorders are present. Kalamazoo families chose these OTs as their favorites in the area:

Best Occupational Therapist for Kids

2022 Best Doctor

 Winner: Marie Bell at Rise Therapy & Wellness

Top 5 OTs for Kids

1 – Bell, Marie (Rise Therapy & Wellness)
2 – McGinnis, Kathleen (Bronson Rehabilitation Services – Elm Valley Drive)
3 – (TIE) Costea, Luciana (Bronson Rehabilitation Services – John St.)
3 – (TIE) Dobbertien, Maria M. (Functional Kids Therapy) 
3 – (TIE) Horton-Bierema, Wendy (Arcadia Center for OT)
3 – (TIE) Shearer, Kyle ( Bronson Rehabilitation Services – Elm Valley Drive)

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Voted Best Occupational Therapist in SW Michigan

in practice with Brandon Morkut, OTRL, Marcie Miller, COTA, & Tyler Dykstra, COTA

Rise Therapy & Wellness offers client-centered occupational therapy, wellness, and education - related services to promote healthy, independence and safe living for all individuals - children and adults.

We are excited to announce we are opening our sensory gym to the community, allowing access to a resourceful community environment for skill building and social interactions while using various therapeutic equipment.

We value the diversity of team, clients, and individualized services.


Orthodontists in Kalamazoo

Does your tween need braces? Orthodontia is a huge time commitment and financial investment for many families, so you want to be certain your kid is in great hands. Our KZOOKIDS’ readers named these orthodontists the best in town.


Best Orthodontist

2022 Best Doctor

Winner: Dr. S. Jay Bowman at Kalamazoo Orthodontics

Top 5 Orthodontists

1 – Bowman, Dr. S. Jay (Kalamazoo Orthodontics)
2 – Knapp, Dr. Brandon (Drake Road Orthodontics)
3 – Randall, Dr. Letitia (Drake Road Orthodontics)
4 – Kwong, Dr. Thomas (Kwong Orthodontics)
5 – (TIE) Grabowski, Dr. Kenneth W. (Dr. Grabowski Orthodontics)
5 – (TIE) Hallgren, Dr. Kevin (Hallgren Orthodontics)

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Voted Best Orthodontist in SW Michigan

From first contact at Kwong Orthodontics, our orthodontist, Dr. Kwong, is committed to your individual attention and strives to provide personalized oral health care tailored for your unique orthodontic needs and goals. We work hard to create the ultimate stress-free and comfortable orthodontic experience.

Dr. Kwong specializes in Orthodontics for Children and Adults and it is our mission to educate and provide our patients with the best orthodontic care in the Kalamazoo area.

Dr. Kwong and his entire staff are AMAZING! My daughter just got her braces off yesterday and her teeth look absolutely PERFECT! We are so happy we chose Kwong Orthodontics.

Voted Best Orthodontist in SW Michigan

An inclusive and fun environment coupled with the highest quality care is what we’re all about! We know that our patients will love not only their beautiful smile, but their entire journey at DRO.

Our complimentary exam and consultation is the first step in our relationship. We see kids as early as age 7 to evaluate their smile development, or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to better yourself. We look forward to meeting you!

Learn More >>


Pediatricians in Kalamazoo

Finding the right pediatrician who will likely care for your child from birth through their teen years makes all of the difference in the world. Your child’s pediatrician will walk through your child’s growth, development and milestones with you and will be a sounding board for many of your questions and concerns. According to local parents, kids love visiting the top pediatricians listed below.

Best Pediatrician

2022 Best Doctor

Winner: Dr. Aimee Simpson at Bronson Primary Care Partners- Richland

Top 5 Pediatricians

1 – Simpson, Dr. Aimee (Bronson Primary Care Partners- Richland)
2 – Somers, Dr. Stephanie (Trestlewood Pediatrics)
3 – Reddy, Dr. Padma (Bronson Rambling Road Pediatrics – Oshtemo)
4 – (TIE) Lampart, Dr. Rebekah (Trestlewood Pediatrics)
4 – (TIE) Page, Dr. Robert (Trestlewood Pediatrics)
4 – (TIE) Sood-McMillen, Dr. Sandhya (Bronson Primary Care Partners- Texas Corners)

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