Best Pediatric Occupational Therapists in SWMI- 2024

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How Can Occupational Therapy Help My Child?

As parents, we want to ensure our children meet developmental milestones.

When my friend’s toddler was not interested in eating anything besides baby food, their pediatrician recommended an occupational therapist to assist with chewing and textures.

She called it a “game-changer” for her daughter, who thrived after just a few sessions.

Pediatric occupational therapists have been changing the game for children for decades, assisting with a variety of motor and developmental skills.

We’ve polled KZOOKIDS readers for the best pediatric OTs in Kalamazoo and have their results below. If you’re looking for additional providers, try our Best Doctors Guide for other specialties.

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📷: Rise Therapy & Wellness

Occupational Therapy Areas of Focus

So what do occupational therapists DO, exactly? The answer is a pretty extensive list.

Occupational Therapists, commonly referred to as OTs, can help children with a variety of gross and fine motor skills:

• Developmental Delays: not meeting developmental milestones on time, not engaging in age-appropriate play
• Gross Motor Skills: using both sides of the body, maneuvering stairs, improving balance
• Fine Motor Skills: using scissors, manipulating buttons, tying laces, improving handwriting
• Sensory Processing: heightened reactivity to sound, touch, or movement, easily distracted by stimuli
• Visual Processing: letter recognition, spacing between letters, differentiating right versus left
• Oral Motor/Processing: eating and drinking using age-appropriate tools and techniques, picky eating/food texture concerns

📷: Santosha Wellness

Voting Results: Pediatric Occupational Therapists

With most developmental concerns, your family doctor or pediatrician is your first stop for guidance.

If they believe occupational therapy can benefit your child, their office will refer you to a local OT office. Children participating in EarlyOn may receive OT services as well through their program.

Every name in this guide received significant votes from our readers. Any sponsors you see were first voted by our readers and then were invited to offer more information about their practice.

We polled local parents for their top picks in occupational therapy; the top seven are listed below.

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Best Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Christina Galer
Rise Therapy & Wellness

Top Pediatric Occupational Therapists in Kalamazoo

1Galer, Christina Rise Therapy & Wellness
2Pixley, Kelly Functional Kids Therapy
3Bell, MarieRise Therapy & Wellness
4Adams, MorganFunctional Kids Therapy
5Dobbertien, MariaFunctional Kids Therapy
6Horton-Bierma, WendyArcadia Center for OT, LLC
7Hernandez, RebeccaSantosha Wellness

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Best Occupational Therapist in SW Michigan

8599 N 32nd St Ste 104 Richland, MI 49083 - (269) 203-7394

Rise Therapy & Wellness (Rise) provides the highest quality, holistic, and client-centered occupational therapy, wellness, and education services to individuals across the lifespan.

Established in July 2020, Rise is a small, woman and minority-owned occupational therapy and wellness clinic located in Richland, Michigan.

We value the diversity of team, clients, and individualized services. Now offering community enrichment programs, including Rise Sports and Rise Groups!

More info on website. For superior services and a welcoming atmosphere...choose Rise.

Best Occupational Therapist in SW Michigan

in practice with Lori Davis, OTR/L · Kate Bergsma, OTR/L · Jennifer Roelof, OTR/L · Elvira Kracker, COTA/L

777 Goguac St W Battle Creek, MI 49015 - (269) 223-7786
4013 N Grand St Schoolcraft, MI 49087

Functional Kids Therapy Center strives to create a safe and empowering environment for all children to grow and learn. We pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach to provide the best quality of care.

We have 3 convenient locations in Battle Creek, Schoolcraft, and Caledonia that offer a variety of services including occupational, speech, physical therapy, and counseling.

We also offer more specialized services such as Low Energy Neurofeedback System, Vital Stim for speech and swallowing, and Irlen Syndrome screening and diagnostics.

We bill most commercial and Medicaid plans and offer affordable cash rates.

Best Occupational Therapist in SW Michigan

Greater Kalamazoo Area Kalamazoo, MI - (616) 834-0798

Santosha Wellness is an occupational therapy & wellness business in Kalamazoo, centering itself on the power of community, inclusion, simplicity, and the outdoors.

We specialize in child development, complex trauma, feeding difficulties, and challenging behaviors.

Services include consultations, play groups, infant massage, nature-based programs, in-home OT, & workshops.

Does Your Family Have a Pediatric Occupational Therapist?

Do you have a favorite OT for kids? Let us know in the comments.

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