Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo Invites all Ages to Celebrate with Brickday Parties

Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo LEGO store Brickday parties

Plan An Epic Party With Kalamazoo’s Only LEGO® Store

Do you frequently step on LEGO® pieces in your house? Do you watch LEGO® Masters on repeat? Do you or your kids scour eBay for retired LEGO® sets?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have LEGO® fans in your family.

By now, your LEGO® enthusiasts are likely already avid shoppers at Bricks & Minifigs (BAM) Kalamazoo, which opened in Oakwood Plaza in June 2022.

What you may not know is that the same beloved store is also the place to party for LEGO® celebrants of all ages – adults included!

Read on for the scoop on these LEGO® parties- both inside the store and on the road!

Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo

1926 Whites Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49008
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Brickday Parties with Bricks & Minifigs

In their revamp of the former Pacific Rim location in Kalamazoo, BAM owners Allison and Adam Weiner included a dedicated party space within the shop.

They knew that once their buy, sell and trade store was up and running, the next step would be to host parties for LEGO® fans.

In-Store Parties

The BAM Kalamazoo shop offers a 500 square foot, private space for Brickday parties with its own restroom.

The standard celebration package includes:

  • Two dedicated event coordinators
  • 90 minutes of party time for up to 12 participants
  • Electronic party invitation templates
  • Festive décor, disposable cutlery, & tableware
  • Assembling & racing cars on a custom timed derby track
  • Building challenges with themed mini-prizes
  • Unique keepsake LEGO® Minifig party favors
  • A BAM Kalamazoo gift for every host of honor, and another for their family and guests
The party room at Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo

Party Add-Ons

If you want to take your party to the next level, Bricks & Minifigs offers a number of optional party enhancements, including custom-baked goods from Schultz’s Treat Street! See their brochure online for pricing.

Brickday party cupcakes from Schultz’s Treat Street

On-the-Road Parties

Looking for something outside of the box? Bricks & Minifigs can bring the party to YOU, at your chosen venue.

On-the-road parties work well for for larger groups, work events, educational organizations and more.

Consider on-the-road parties for the following:

  • Groups of 20+ guests
  • After-hours events
  • Corporate events
  • Educational events
  • Events with alcohol
Brews & Bricks event at One Well Brewing Co in Kalamazoo
Educational Event with the Air Zoo in Portage

Contact Bricks & Minifigs to Coordinate Your Event

BAM’s team will work with you to customize your on-the-road party. Email them or call the shop at 269-350-5690 to get started.

About the Bricks & Minifigs Store

Inspired by Adam Weiner’s renewed interest in LEGO® building during the pandemic, he and his wife Allison opened the franchise in Kalamazoo in June 2022.

Whether you are a casual fan or LEGO® expert, Bricks & Minifigs welcomes all with its big, bright space and bricks galore.

Store Location

Allison and Adam Weiner picked an ideal location in Oakwood Plaza in Kalamazoo: this shopping center features many locally-owned favorites, including Schultz’s Treat Street, Little Chick Shoe Shop, and Bookbug/This is a Bookstore.

Find their store at 1926 Whites Road- just next door to Little Chick Shoe Shop.

Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo
Bricks & Minifigs is located at 1926 Whites Road

Selling and Trading LEGO® Sets at BAM

Bricks & Minifigs welcomes guests to trade in their new and used LEGO® sets for either cash or store credit: 

Acceptable Items for Sale/Trade

  • New, unopened LEGO® sets
  • Used LEGO® sets: can be assembled or not, complete or incomplete
  • New/Used Loose LEGO® bricks
  • New/Used LEGO® Minifigures

Items You Cannot Sell/Trade with Bricks & Minifigs

  • Non-LEGO® brand Minifigures, sets, and bricks (including all LEGO® compatible brands)


How Does BAM Evaluate the Value of LEGO® Trade-Ins?

Pricing for trades depends upon the completeness of sets, current inventory in stock, and the overall condition of bricks, among other factors.

How Does BAM Evaluate the Value of Bulk LEGO® Trade-Ins?

Pricing for bulk LEGO® is structured by volume, NOT WEIGHT, and depends upon the overall condition of bricks and the amount of non-LEGO® products mixed in, among other factors.

LEGO® Merchandise at BAM

Bricks & Minifigs is a LEGO® fan’s paradise. You’ll find:

  • New releases
  • Used LEGO® sets
  • LEGO® Minifigures (new and used)
  • Bulk LEGO® bricks
  • Assorted LEGO® themed merchandise

In short, if it’s LEGO® related, you’ll find it here. You can also build your own custom LEGO® Minifigure in the shop.

Find fan favorites like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
Premium bulk LEGO® bricks are bagged for easy purchase
Minifig fans: head to the cases in the center of the store

PS: Return Often

The merchandise at BAM is always changing- we recommend visiting frequently as you’ll find different LEGO® sets each time you stop by.

Meet the Owners

The Bricks and Minifigs Kalamazoo franchise is owned by Adam and Allison Weiner. The couple resides in Portage with their two kiddos Jonah (11) and Margot (9).

While his love of LEGO® bricks dates back to his childhood, Adam’s desire to own a LEGO® store developed during the pandemic. As Executive Director of Farmers Alley Theatre in downtown Kalamazoo, his free time grew significantly when the coronavirus shuttered their doors.

As he spent more time building with LEGO® sets during the lockdown, he discovered a new self-described “obsession” with this creative outlet, spurning his desire to open the Bricks & Minifigs store. Adam left his position at Farmers Alley in April 2022 to launch the new shop.

His wife Allison focuses on outreach and event planning for Bricks & Minifigs and helped design their store.

Owners Allison and Adam Weiner, with kids Jonah and Margot

Community Partners & Philanthropists

This LEGO® store is more than just a retail shop- it also serves as an integral, community partner. Excess bulk bricks are regularly donated to educational institutions and libraries.

Brick donation to the Kalamazoo Public Library (KPL)


Are you a LEGO® expert? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions on the popular bricks:

When were LEGO® bricks invented?

LEGO® bricks started with Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen, who began making wooden toys in 1932. The first plastic brick was made in 1949; those bricks still fit with LEGO® bricks made today!

What is LEGO® short for?

“LEGO” is from the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning “play well.”

What is the plural of LEGO®?

In a tweet responding to this very question in 2017, the LEGO® Group explained the proper use of their famous brand name:

Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo

When did LEGO® toys arrive in the United States?

The LEGO® Group licensed an American luggage company, Shwayder, to produce and its products in the United States and Canada in 1961.

Under the agreement, the LEGO® Group supplied machinery, molds and other equipment, while Shwayder handled production and sales.

In 1965, Shwayder changed its name to Samsonite.

How many LEGO® bricks are made per year?

36 billion, which averages to 125 million pieces per day.

Make Plans to Visit Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo ASAP

Whether you are an avid LEGO® fan, casual collector or just love supporting local businesses, Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo invites you to stop by soon!

They are open seven days per week in Oakwood Plaza.

Bricks & Minifigs Kalamazoo

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Kalamazoo, MI 49008
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