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Thank you for advertising with us!

If you have a current sponsor contract with KZOO Kids and have been asked to submit information for a Facebook post, please fill out the form below.

Get Your Facebook Post Seen By More People

Social media is another way to reach our audience with a specific message about your organization or business. We want to help you maximize your reach through your FB posts on our KZOO Kids Facebook page.

Our team of content creators craft engaging posts that will get your info out to as many Facebook users as possible.

Better Posts Are
• Engaging
• Relevant
• Concise
• Often Include Incentives
The better information you share with our team, the better chance your post has of being seen in the Facebook community.

You send us the images, incentives, key info, and interesting information on your brand or event, and we will create something like the following:

Example of a Good Facebook Post -Basic

Why This Post is Good
Short description gets right to the point.
Bullet list tells us what value this client gives the reader.
Image has no text. Is also bright and includes a cute kid demonstrating the product or service.
Image fills the space. Don’t minimize your image and surround it with a large background or border. Your image should be the star.

Example of a Good Facebook Post – Lots of Images

Our team may choose to use more than one image in the same post. Readers love posts with multiple colorful, eye-catching images.

Why This Post is Good
Intro sentence is short and sweet.
Images are colorful and well lit. Gives the reader a sense of being there.
Images are inside the building. For places like medical offices, an exterior shot does not draw attention or interest.

Need More Tips?

You can also get good pointers by reading Facebook’s article: The Ad Copy Cheat Sheet.

Image Requirements – IMPORTANT

Photos are high resolution, JPG or PNG format (no PDFs)

We recommend images sized 800 x 500 pixels with little to no text. (Facebook will not show your ad to as many readers if the image has more than 20% text.)

No QR Codes. QR Codes are not useful for digital media (only use them in printed materials). Readers cannot scan your image to use it and they detract from your message.

Images with people in them are great. Use high-quality photos that are brightly lit.

Do not submit images that are poor quality or are unrelated to your post topic. Images that do not meet these criteria will not be posted.

If an image does not meet Facebook’s standards, the KZOO Kids team may opt to replace your image with one from your website, Facebook page or choose to run the post with no image at their discretion.

**NOTE:  Sponsors are liable for the photos they submit. This means you must be the owner of the photo you share. If children are in your photographs, you must obtain parental/guardian permission before sharing their photo with us. Lastly, if you submit a photo that you did not take, you will need to send us written permission from the photographer.**

Submit Content by Deadline

Content is due the first day of the month prior to your scheduled post.

Example: If your post is scheduled sometime in February, this form must be filled out no later than January 1.

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