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We are so glad you are considering advertising your business with us and reaching the many thousands of Kalamazoo County parents and caregivers that read every month. We aim to be the go-to resource for parents looking to find ways to spend time and money with their children.


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Currently, we receive 50 – 60 K page views and reach 12,000+ unique visitors each month. We cover the greater Kalamazoo and Battle Creek areas. The majority of our readers are women ranging from 25-44 who have children and live in Kalamazoo County and Battle Creek.

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Our social media streams are very popular and are a great way for our sponsors to get the word out about upcoming events, specials, and new offerings.

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We offer a number of ways for sponsors to reach out to families in Kalamazoo and beyond. These include banner ads, sidebar ads, giveaways, sponsored posts, social media, and inclusion in our weekly e-newsletter.


What Our Readers Say

I really love being made aware of different events for kids and families. I am always on the lookout for things I can do with my grandchildren, and your posts frequently give me a heads-up. Thanks! ~Laura

I love that you provide up to date information on family-friendly activities to do around town. I faithfully follow your website because I am always looking for fun, inexpensive activities to do with my children.~Amanda

We love the continuous updates of upcoming family-friendly activities and resources and have taken advantage of a great deal of them! I will definitely be utilizing the event calendar from now on. ~Pamela

We love the fact that there are lists for everything! Things that I haven’t even thought! And everything is very organized so its super easy to find info. We love! ~Erika


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