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Sponsored & Event Article

Please submit a basic outline for the article, up to 4 JPG images & 1 outbound links.

An article will be written on your behalf based on the information submitted here. We try to keep our articles between 300-500 words, as we have found this works best for our readers. The article will be highlighted on the KZOOkids.com homepage for one day, included in the KZOOkids.com eNewsletter, Tweeted and promoted on Facebook twice.

Sponsored Guide

For our sponsored guides, we ask that you submit a 2-4 sentence description of your business, info that you’d like to highlight, or fun facts about your business that would tie into the guide. Your graphic and the 2-4 sentence description would be displayed at the top of the guide. For this graphic, please submit a jpg file 400-450 pixel wide x 300-400 pixel height.