Blueberry Picking Farms in Southwest Michigan- 2022

Blueberry Picking

We’ve Got the Scoop on Blueberry Picking near Kalamazoo

As the weather warms up, fresh fruit becomes abundant in Southwest Michigan and many families head out to u pick farms in the area.

Blueberries in Michigan enjoy a longer picking season: whether you need a Fourth of July pie or blueberry cheesecake for an August barbecue, you’ve got plenty of options in SWMI.

Starting in early July through August (and sometimes into September), you can pick these beautiful berries to eat at once or freeze for a future sweet treat.

Read on for over a dozen locations for blueberry picking near Kalamazoo:

AppleTree & Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool

AppleTree & Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschools are a family of childcare locations. Inside and out, our program is designed for a positive experience for child and parent alike.

We provide a safe environment for children ages six weeks to school-age in facilities that feature secure web camera access for parents.

Fruit Picking Tips

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran of fruit gathering, we’ve put together some tips to maximize your fruit picking experience.

Fruit Picking Do’s:

Do call ahead: Farms will get “overpicked” for the day. Plan to go early and confirm availability via phone or Facebook before leaving.

Do bring cash: Call ahead to confirm, but many farms do not accept credit cards or checks.

Do have a container strategy: Find out if you need to bring your own containers for picking (some farms provide them).  You may also need something to transport your fruit home.

Fruit Picking Don’ts:

Don’t forget sun protection: Fruit fields provide very little cover or shade. Bring hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Don’t eat without asking: Some farms may allow sampling while picking, while others may not. Be sure to confirm their policies before any family members use the fruit fields as a buffet.

Don’t pack your fruit too deep: Strawberries and raspberries in particular bruise easily. If you stack too many layers while picking, you risk damaging the lower tiers.

Blueberry Picking Intel

Look for blueberries in early July near Kalamazoo.

The best blueberries are light gray blue in color (any red = not fully ripe). When finished picking, leave your container open until you get home to prevent moisture from settling inside.

Once home, refrigerate them unwashed, in a sealed container.

Absolutely. Freeze in a single layer, unwashed.

FAVORITE RECIPE: Blueberry Crumble Bars

Where to go Blueberry Picking in Southwest Michigan

Berry Brothers Retail

Blueberry Picking in Paw Paw

37146 30th St, Paw Paw, MI 49079

Berry Brothers will be offering u-pick blueberries this season and we are excited to introduce u-cut flowers!

If you visit the farm this season you can watch and experience our process of harvesting the blueberries from the fields, onto the line, and into the store for packaging.

You can also enjoy ice cream, smoothies, grilled blueberry bratwursts or a photoshoot in our sunflowers!

Earth First Farms

Blueberry Picking in Berrien Center

8335 Smith Rd, Berrien Center, MI 49102

SW Michigan families will enjoy their delicious produce from Earth First Farms even more knowing they are all certified organic.

Currently celebrating 17 years growing in beautiful Benton Harbor, Earth First Farms offers organic strawberries, blueberries, apples and other fruits. Both Bluecrop and Jersey blueberries are available for upick and already picked. Current hours are Friday - Sunday, 10AM - 6PM. Check Facebook page for changes!

All forms of payment are accepted. Upick site is different from business address.

Adams Farms | Facebook
69676 County Rd 376, Hartford, MI 49057
(269) 214-0873
What You’ll Find: U-pick and already picked conventional & organic blueberries. Also, maple syrup is made on-site.
Farming Practices: Organic

Berry Brothers Retail | Facebook
37146 30th St, Paw Paw, MI 49079
(269) 657-3871
What You’ll Find: U-pick blueberries and u-pick flowers. They also offer ice cream, smoothies, and grilled blueberry bratwursts.

Brookside Farms Fritz’s Blueberries |  Facebook
34448 44th Ave, Paw Paw, MI 49079
(269) 657-3500
What You’ll Find: U-pick and already-picked blueberries plus already-picked strawberries from Ketchum Family Strawberries (Paw Paw location only).

Bumbleberry Acres | Facebook
6785 Baseline Rd, South Haven, MI 49090
(269) 637-4824
What You’ll Find: U-pick blueberries. Also pumpkins in the fall and other fresh produce.

Corey Lake Orchards | Facebook
12147 Corey Lake Rd, Three Rivers, MI 49093
(269) 244-5690
What You’ll Find: Seasonal U-pick blueberries are typically available in July. Quantities are limited as they have a small field. Check their website for updates.

Cotant’s Farm Market | Facebook
2500 S M-37 Hwy, Hastings, MI 49058
(269) 945-4180
What You’ll Find: U-pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and apples. Also vegetables, jams/jellies and salsas/relishes.

DeGrandchamp’s Blueberry Farm | Facebook
76241 14th Ave, South Haven, MI 49090
What You’ll Find: U-pick blueberries and cranberries. Also baked goods, jams, syrup, fresh fudge, and other produce.

Earth First Farms Organic Growers
3835 Pier Rd, Benton Harbor, MI 49022 (U-pick Site)
8335 SMITH RD, BERRIEN CENTER, MI 49102 (Business Address)
(269) 815-3370
What You’ll Find: Organic strawberries, blueberries, apples and other fruits. Both Bluecrop and Jersey blueberries are available for u-pick and already-picked.
Farming Practices:  Certified organic fruit

Kendall’s BlueberriesFacebook
2124 Coburn Rd, Hastings, MI 49058

What You’ll Find: U-pick blueberries (five varieties).
Farming Practices: Naturally grown, without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Mitchell’s Blueberries | Facebook
19230 CR-681, Grand Junction, MI 49056
(269) 350-3177
What You’ll Find: U-pick organic blueberries.
Farming Practices: Organic

Pleasant Hill Farm | Facebook
5859 124th Ave, Fennville, MI 49408
(269) 561-2850
What You’ll Find: U-pick organic blueberries and frozen blueberries.
Farming Practices
: Organic

Rajzer’s Farm Market and Greenhouses | Facebook
76301 M-51 Hwy Decatur, MI 49045
(269) 423-4941
What You’ll Find: U-pick and already-picked strawberries. Also blueberries, asparagus, cantaloupe, annuals and perennials.

Schultz Fruitridge Farms, Inc. | Facebook
60139 C.R. 652, Mattawan, MI 49071
(269) 668-3724
What You’ll Find: U-pick blueberries, grapes, peaches, apples & already-picked strawberries and pumpkins.

Sterling Acres Blueberry Farm
6265 East QR Ave, Scotts, MI 49088
(269) 207-7066
What You’ll Find: U-pick blueberries.

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