Martial Arts Classes for Kids Around Kalamazoo

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Not Your Typical Extracurricular Activity

As parents, we are always striving to find the right activities for our children. Common extracurriculars may include soccer, gymnastics, dance classes or piano lessons. But what if none of these are the right fit your family? Which other activities can inspire confidence, instill discipline and provide fun for your children? The answer for many is martial arts.

We’ve rounded up 15+ locations in the Kalamazoo area for kids to learn Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, or other martial arts disciplines. Starting as young as three years old, your child can begin to capitalize on the many benefits that martial arts provide.

Speaking of benefits…

Karate Kid? Martial Arts Go Beyond Physical Benefits

Martial arts harness energy into a positive outlet.

The physical benefits from martial arts are fairly well known: classes teach balance, posture, coordination, self-defense, and motor skills. Equally important are the social and emotional gains from martial arts: children learn discipline, respect, and see growth in self-esteem and confidence as a result.

Although martial arts uses individually assigned goals, don’t assume your child will be flying solo; students still practice teamwork, support their peers and develop friendships.

Martial Arts Classes

My Kiddo is Ready to Put those Moves to Work

When choosing a martial arts school, we recommend visiting before enrolling and verifying all costs involved (courses, uniforms, competition fees). Many schools will allow you to watch or try a class for free before signing up.

Unlike traditional sports, martial arts schools provide flexibility: you typically can join at any time (no “season” or registration deadline) and pay as you go (per class or per month). Some also offer discounted or free uniforms if you pay for a specified time period.

15+ Local Spots for Martial Arts

We’ve highlighted the discipline(s) covered and beginning ages for each location/school.

Alliance AZO Martial Arts Training Center | 1348 King Highway, Kalamazoo | 269-216-4380
Ages: 6+ | Classes: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai

ATA Integrity Martial Arts | 6860 West Stadium Drive, Suite 101, Kalamazoo | 269-544-7733
Ages: 4+ (Classes are 4-6, 7-13, Teens/Adults) | Classes: Taekwondo

Chung’s Black Belt Academy (Portage) | 626 Romence Rd, Suite 103, Portage | 269-371-2171
Ages: 4+ |  Classes: Taekwondo

Chung’s Martial Arts Academy |  52362 Main Street, Mattawan | 269-624-2211
Ages: 4+ (Classes are 4-5, 6-12, Teens/Adults) | Classes: Taekwondo

Dojos of the Risen Son | 269-808-6484
Dojos of the Risen Sun teach classes in three churches: St Michael’s Lutheran Church (Portage), Voyage Church (Oshtemo), TLC Lighthouse Community Church (Kalamazoo)
Ages: 5+ | Classes: Christian Taekwondo

Lightning Kicks Martial Arts |161 W. Centre Avenue, Portage | 269-383-2610
Ages: 4+ (Classes are 4-7, 8-13, Teens/Adults) | Classes: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do

Master Siegel’s Martial Arts Academy | 6465 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo | 269-372-7500
Ages: 3+ | Classes: Taekwondo, Hapkido, Tang Soo Do

Okinawan Karate 1837 South Westnedge, Kalamazoo | 269-381-0107
Ages: 6+ | Classes: Karate

Snyder Dojo |  6176 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo | 269-365-3667
Ages: 3+ (Classes are 3-4, 5-12, Teens/Adults) | Classes: Judo

Southside Dojo | 8534 Portage Road, Portage | 269-385-0111
Ages: 5+ | Classes: Karate, Judo

Valor Martial Arts | 4233 Portage Street, Kalamazoo | 269-888-2282
Ages: 4+ (Classes are 4-6, 5-12, Teens/Adults) | Classes: Karate

Walker’s Tae Kwon Do | 8675 Portage Road, Unit 3, Portage | 269-327-7000
Ages: All ages Family Class (ask staff for guidance) | Classes: Taekwondo

West Michigan Martial Arts | 536 Romence Rd #107, Portage | 269-382-1600
Ages: 4+ (Classes are 4-10, 11-14, Teens/Adults) | Classes: Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

Chung’s Black Belt Academy (Richland) | 9703 East M-89, Richland | 269-629-7300 |
Ages: 4+ | Classes: Taekwondo

Kwang’s Taekwondo Academy | 938 W. Columbia Avenue, Battle Creek | 269-660-2500
Ages: 4+ | Classes: Taekwondo

SaBumNim Martial Arts Academy | 10211 E M-89 Ste 210, Richland | 269-419-9786
Ages: 5+ | Classes: HapKiDo

Seiwa Dojo | 551 E. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek | 269-965-5500
Ages: 7+ | Classes: Aikido

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