Kalamazoo Parents (and Kids!) Love these Pediatricians- 2022

Kalamazoo Pediatrician

Choosing the Right Pediatrician for your Family

Being a first-time parent can be overwhelming. No matter how many books I read or videos I watched, nothing fully prepared me for being 100% responsible for a little, squishy person.

As we anticipated her arrival, we chose diapers, feeding supplies, and footie pajamas (everyone needs animal feet!). However, another important decision loomed: who will we trust with her medical care?

How will we know if we chose the right Pediatrician?

About five minutes into our first infant checkup, I knew we made the right choice. From the gentle way she held our daughter, to her kind demeanor and wealth of medical knowledge, I felt completely at ease with her care.

To this day, both of my children look forward to seeing their doctor.

Pediatricians for Kalamazoo Families

Pediatricians will guide you through every illness, growth spurt and milestone in your child’s development and Kalamazoo has a number of highly skilled providers to help. Every name in this guide received significant votes from our readers.

Any sponsors you see were first voted by our readers and then were invited to offer more information about their practice.

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(Please note that this content is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Users are advised to check the certification of any care providers listed below and consult their own medical doctors before proceeding with a care plan).

Voting Results: Kalamazoo Pediatricians

Finding the right doctor who will care for your child from birth through their teen years makes all of the difference in the world. See local parents’ picks for the top pediatricians listed below.

2022 Best Doctor

Winner: Dr. Aimee Simpson at Bronson Primary Care Partners- Richland

Top 5 Pediatricians

1 – Simpson, Dr. Aimee (Bronson Primary Care Partners- Richland)
2 – Somers, Dr. Stephanie (Trestlewood Pediatrics)
3 – Reddy, Dr. Padma (Bronson Rambling Road Pediatrics – Oshtemo)
4 – (TIE) Lampart, Dr. Rebekah (Trestlewood Pediatrics)
4 – (TIE) Page, Dr. Robert (Trestlewood Pediatrics)
4 – (TIE) Sood-McMillen, Dr. Sandhya (Bronson Primary Care Partners- Texas Corners)

Pediatric Options in Kalamazoo

Your child’s pediatrician is an important partner in your child’s growth and development. He or she will be a sounding board for many of your questions and concerns and connect with your family for nearly two decades.

In the search for this important provider, you can take comfort in selecting one that comes highly recommended by Kalamazoo families.

Need more pediatric resources? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) website for parents can help.

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