20+ Delicious Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt + Custard Shops in Kalamazoo

Best Ice Cream Shops in Kalamazoo

Where to Find Ice Cream in SW Michigan

While especially popular in the summer, ice cream is an all-year treat in our house and Kalamazoo is home to many options to find it all year long.

Whether you’re searching for a traditional scoop of vanilla or other treats like sorbet, Italian ice or froyo, Southwest Michigan covers all of the frozen bases with over 20 local shops full of frozen deliciousness.

We asked our readers for their favorites, and over 6600 voted on the best restaurants in Kalamazoo. Read on for the best frozen treats in SWMI.

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Who Has the Best Ice Cream in Kalamazoo?

We’ve asked our readers for their favorite places to go for frozen yogurt, frozen custard and ice cream and they responded with gusto.

Here are the top 5 favorite shops in Kalamazoo:
1 – Plainwell Ice Cream
2 – Schultz’s Treat Street
3 – Rollup Ice Cream & Tea
4 – Bella Creamery
5 – Ritter’s Frozen Custard

Directory: SWMI Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Shops

🍦 Voted # 1 Best Ice Cream Shop

621 E Bridge St Plainwell, MI 49080

Open since 1978 by Art and Judy Gaylord, this now third-generation family-owned shop makes their own ice cream in house and offers over 60 varieties of dairy deliciousness.

Can't make it to Plainwell? Their ice cream is also sold in retailers and served in local restaurants, including Bilbo's, Erbelli's and Lake Burger.

Plainwell Ice Cream Co. is open seasonally, from March through October and closed on Mondays.

Where to Find Plainwell Ice Cream Co.
Plainwell Ice Cream is located at the corner of Broad Street and Bridge Street in Plainwell, across the street from Old Mill Brewpub.

🍦 Voted # 2 Best Ice Cream Shop

3023 Oakland Dr Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Under new ownership since 2020, Schultz's Treat Street serves up Mooville ice cream in addition to their extensive desserts and meal options.

Stop here for gourmet hot dogs, sandwiches, caramels, fudge and ice cream flights. They are also the only shop in town with a soda bar, providing infinite float possibilities.

Where to Find Schultz's Treat Street
Schultz's Treat Street is located in Oakwood Plaza on Oakland Drive in Kalamazoo, with many other locally owned shops including Bookbug, Little Chick and Sawall's.

🍦 Voted # 3 Best Ice Cream Shop

8340 Portage Rd Portage, MI 49002
5907 Gull Rd Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Find unique rolled ice cream at this shop accompanied by toppings like cookies, brownies or lemon bars. Rollup offers a number of signature ice cream dishes including monkey business, orange dreamsicle and sweet s'more.

Rollup serves up more than just ice cream: try their wraps, Boba tea and chicken sandwiches. Be sure to pair any meal with rollup sauce and scoop fries.

Where to Find Rollup Ice Cream & Tea
Rollup has two locations: one in Portage and one in Comstock.
• Portage: 8340 Portage Road, north of Zylman. Their shop is next door to Erbelli's.
• Comstock: 5907 Gull Road, east of Sprinkle. Find them in the same shopping center as T-Mobile and Biggby.

🍦 Voted # 4 Best Ice Cream Shop

10098 Shaver Rd Portage, MI 49024

Bella Creamery makes all of its ice cream, offering over a dozen options including seasonal favorites Firecracker and Blue Moon.

This shop also makes ice cream pies and cakes; grab one from their freezer or order ahead for a custom creation.

After you've had your frozen treat, stop by next door at Mancino's (same owners) for a grinder or pizza.

Where to Find Bella Creamery
Bella Creamery is on Shaver, just south of Beethoven Avenue in Portage. Find them next door to their sister shop, Mancino's.

🍦 Voted # 5 Best Ice Cream Shop

217 Romence Rd Portage, MI 49024

This frozen custard shop serves rotating custard flavors and Italian ice treats. Try a glacier- proudly made so thick that they are served upside down. Ritter's waffle cones and bowls are made fresh in the shop.

Enjoy your treat at their tables outside, or head behind the shop to visit their playground.

Where to Find Ritter's Frozen Custard
Ritter's is located on Romence, just west of Westnedge in Portage. Find them in between PEDAL and Hiemstra Optical.

220 W Prairie St Vicksburg, MI 49097

6880 W Main St Kalamazoo, MI 49009

1443 M-89 Otsego, MI 49078

307 N Sherwood Ave Plainwell, MI 49080

301 E Michigan Ave Augusta, MI 49012

1700 S Drake Rd Kalamazoo, MI 49006

321 N Grand St Schoolcraft, MI 49087

57810 Murray St Mattawan, MI 49071

8399 36th St, Scotts, MI 49088 Scotts, MI 49088

7000 Stadium Dr Kalamazoo, MI 49009

154 S Kalamazoo Mall Kalamazoo, MI 49007

4488 D Dr S Battle Creek, MI 49015

330 S Riverview Dr Parchment, MI 49004

165 W Centre Ave Portage, MI 49024

Whole Hog Challenge at Skinny Kenny’s BBQ and Ice Cream

Skinny Kenny’s BBQ & Ice Cream
7000 Stadium Dr Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Are you a HUGE ice cream fan who is up for a food challenge?

Skinny Kenny’s on Stadium Drive invites you to try the whole hog. If you finish this dessert in under 15 minutes, you’ll receive a free tee shirt and your photo on the restaurant’s wall of fame.

Note: this challenge is available at the Stadium Drive location only.

Dare to be Great Ice Cream Sundae Challenge at D’Nicio’s Parlour

D’Nicio’s Parlour
6880 W Main Kalamazoo, MI 49009

If you need as many scoops as possible, D’Nicio’s offers another local ice cream feat. Finish 21 scoops of ice cream and toppings in an hour, and it’s free.

Dnicio's Parlour
image: D’nicio’s Parlour


Which Ice Cream Flavors are Unique to Michigan?

Although we love a classic chocolate or cookies and cream, there are some flavors you will rarely find outside of the Mitten: Blue Moon, Superman and Mackinac Island Fudge are considered Michigan exclusives.

Do Kalamazoo Ice Cream Shops Make Their Own Ice Cream?

Our local shops are a mix of creameries and shops that serve other branded ice cream.

Plainwell Ice Cream, Dean’s Ice Cream and Bella Creamery are three spots that make their own in house.

Where is your favorite local spot for ice cream?

Do you have a favorite ice cream shop or froyo place in Kalamazoo? Leave us a comment with your top frozen picks!

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