12+ Best Coffee Shops for Kalamazoo Caffeine Lovers, Listed

Best Coffee Shops

Calling All Kalamazoo Coffee Shop Lovers

Oh, coffee!!!

There is nothing like a cup of coffee to help wake us up during the week, give us an afternoon energy boost, or help us navigate those trickier parenting moments.

But, finding somewhere to get that perfect java jolt when out running errands or short on time can be tricky.

Thankfully, whether you crave a steaming hot mug of black coffee or an iced latte frappe with extra espresso and whipped cream, Kalamazoo has a glorious array of the best shops that will help you find your next treat.

BONUS: Many cafes are good about having items on their menu for children. Use the list below to find each family-friendly coffee spot’s features.

May you find the best coffee place with just the right vibe for all of your coffee adventures.

Who knows? You might even be able to drink that coffee while it’s still hot!

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Fill Your Cup at One of the Best Coffee Places in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo is known for its independent vibe, and coffee is no exception.

Hit up one of these coffee places to drink a locally brewed cup with a homemade breakfast, lunch, or baked goods.

Best Coffee Shops in Kalamazoo

128 S Kalamazoo Mall Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

What We Love About Caffe Casa
Caffe Casa has a super quirky and fun feel and prides itself on their extensive offering of espresso drinks, including their homemade espresso cubes.

They also offer coffee, tea, in-house baked goods, and lunch. Don’t miss out on trying one of their yummy signature turtle bars and in house blended lavender green tea!

Why It's Good for Families
Any of their items can be made kid-size like their steamers and hot chocolate, and half sandwiches are always available.

Best Coffee Shops in Portage

7642 S Westnedge Ave Portage, Michigan 49002

What We Love About ChocolaTea
Known for its vast selection of tea, ChocolaTea is also a favorite for a cup of joe. They also have an extensive dessert case including macarons, chocolates, brownies and pie.

Sugar-free options are available.

Why It's Good for Families
The bakery case here is massive (as are the portions!). Kids will love their many hot chocolate offerings while splitting a dessert.

Best Coffee Shops in Portage

8127 Portage Rd Portage, Michigan 49002

What We Love About Coffee Rescue
A newcomer to Portage, Coffee Rescue offers both a hot cup of coffee plus tasty treats like cookies and donut holes.

Why It's Good for Families
Convenient drive thru option makes it easy for families on the go. And they offer gourmet pretzels and popcorn! Kids will want to try the frozen hot chocolate.

Best Coffee Shops in Richland

9010 E. D Avenue Richland, Michigan 49083

What We Love About Great Grounds Coffee Cafe
Gourmet coffee house serving high end espresso drinks, teas and smoothies with a cafe menu of soups, salads and panini grilled sandwiches.

Why It's Good for Families
There is no kids' menu at this coffee shop, but several delicious smoothies as well as other non-coffee drinks - like fancy milk.

Best Coffee Shops in Mattawan

23890 City Center Circle Mattawan, Michigan 49071

What We Love About Happy Days Cafe
This shop in Mattawan offers specialty coffees, fine teas, smoothies, and Italian & French sodas.

Why It's Good for Families
Kids will love trying their tasty variety of pastries and snacks.

Best Coffee Shops in Three Rivers

145 W Michigan Ave Three Rivers, Michigan 49093

What We Love About L.A.'s Coffee Cafe
L.A.'s Coffee Cafe in Three Rivers serves up delicious coffee, pastries and seasonal drinks.

Why It's Good for Families
This cafe offers more than just beverages; try their waffles or other tasty meals to compliment your coffee.

Best Coffee Shops in Ostego

100 W Allegan Street Ostego, Michigan 49078

What We Love About Mezzo Coffee House
Perfect for swinging in on the way home from the Allegan Family Swim time, Mezzo has an incredible assortment of baked goods. It’s a perfect spot for breakfast or lunch, and they offer gluten-free and Keto options.

Why It's Good for Families
Mezzo has a special Kid Drink section on their menu which includes their Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Best Coffee Shops in Kalamazoo

1693 S Westnedge Ave Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008

What We Love About Paradise Cafe
This creperie and dessert cafe is a hidden gem and has recently relocated to Midtown Fresh Market in Kalamazoo. They serve one of the best cups of espresso in town.

Why It's Good for Families
Order the kids a Nutella crepe and a smoothie, and kick back with your coffee.

Best Coffee Shops in Kalamazoo

220 West Michigan Avenue Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

What We Love About Rose Gold Coffee Company
With only a short walk from the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, you’ll want to make a pit stop.

Rose Gold Coffee boasts an extensive espresso menu and has an entirely vegan menu with baked goods.

Why It's Good for Families
Kids are welcome and they’ll go crazy for the donuts.

Best Coffee Shops in Kalamazoo

7141 West Q Ave Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009

What We Love About Ryske & Co.
Ryske & Co. offers a full menu of freshly made from scratch foods. Be sure to try the cinnamon rolls and take advantage of their convenient drive-thru window and online ordering.

Why It's Good for Families
Kids (and adults!) will enjoy dining on the upper level. Be sure to take home some delicious treats, including cookie dough brownies and massive cookies.

Best Coffee Shops in Kalamazoo

120 W. South St. Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

What We Love About Something's Brewing
Babies and little kids are frequent visitors to Somethings Brewing. Located down the street from the Kalamazoo Public Library, they have delicious coffee, smoothies and baked goods.

Why It's Good for Families
One of Kalamazoo's best coffee places has a wonderful family feel. Kids will love that they also serve ice cream.

Best Coffee Shops in Kalamazoo

322 W Walnut St Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

What We Love About Walnut & Park Cafe
Walnut & Park features typical breakfast fare (danishes, muffins, breakfast sandwiches) in addition to lunch entrees.

Most of its employees are graduates of the KPEP program, where men and women can gain culinary arts certifications and training while incarcerated.

Why It's Good for Families
Everything here is baked from scratch- kids will love the muffins and danishes.

Best Coffee Shops in Kalamazoo

315 E Water St Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

What We Love About Water Street Coffee
A name synonymous with Kalamazoo's best coffee places, Water Street coffee has five café locations offering locally-roasted coffee made with local and in-season ingredients, made from scratch in their in-house kitchens.

Other locations on Oakland, Borgess, Sprinkle and in Portage.

Why It's Good for Families
Take your kids to the location in Portage and share a dessert bar as they work on their homework in the loft area.

And if you’re in a hurry or have a sleeping kid in the car, both the Sprinkle Road and Portage locations have a drive-thru.

Favorite Coffee Chains in Kalamazoo

Our readers listed these chains as some of their favorite spots to grab some coffee; many offer donuts, muffins or other baked goods to enjoy:




Tim Hortons

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