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Eye Doctor for Kids

When Should Kids See an Eye Doctor?

As a first-time parent, I felt confident in my child’s checkup schedule. Our pediatrician visited within hours of birth and we met our dentist after her first birthday. But an eye doctor? I didn’t know the protocol here.

My husband has worn glasses since elementary school; mine didn’t arrive until college. Will our kids need glasses too? And how do we know when to have their vision checked?

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends children have a thorough eye exam at age 3 and again just before entering kindergarten or first grade.

Visual problems often disguise themselves as learning disabilities. It can be frustrating for a child to attempt to explain what’s wrong. Also, certain behaviors may warrant a checkup:

  • squinting
  • tilting head or covering one eye
  • sitting too close to screens/television
  • rubbing eyes excessively
  • experiencing frequent headaches/nausea
  • tearing excessively

Kid-Friendly Vision Checkups + Selecting an Eye Doctor

Vision appointments can appear daunting for kids. They include big machines, bright lights and sitting still. Is that feasible with small children? How can a toddler “read” an eye chart?

Here’s where finding the right eye care provider makes a big difference: with a kid-friendly eye doctor, the lights will not seem too bright nor the machines too scary. And “reading” may include seeing a bunny instead of a letter.

Common Eye Conditions in Children

eye focus/alignment disorders

eye infections

eye trauma/injuries

vision correction (glasses/contacts)

Kalamazoo offers a number of eye doctors that patiently assess and treat your child’s vision. Every name in this guide received significant votes from our readers.

Any sponsors you see were first voted by our readers and then were invited to offer more information about their practice.

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Voting Results: Eye Doctors for Kids Near Kalamazoo

Whether it’s vision therapy, eye infections, injuries or needing glasses, eye doctors are integral partners in your family’s health. If you are looking for an eye doctor, check out this list of the top-voted eye doctors in greater Kalamazoo.

2022 Best Doctor

 Winner: Dr. Marie L. Fox at Kalamazoo Valley Eyecare

Top 5 Eye Doctors for Kids

1 – Fox, Dr. Marie L. (Kalamazoo Valley Eyecare)
2 – Seim, Dr. Teresa M. (Mattawan Family Eye Care)
3 – Sutter, Dr. Katie (Kalamazoo Optometry)
4 – Flynn, Dr. Kevin (Richland Eye Care)
5 – Schwengel, Dr. Emily (Heimstra Optical)

Finding your Family’s Eye Doctor

Whether your child wears glasses or not, an eye doctor should be included in your child’s healthcare team. By selecting one nominated by Kalamazoo area parents, you can be confident that your choice is a trusted partner in their care.

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